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    Nails....... etc!

    Just a comment - on the whole, the ladies nails are now much better than they were. For the most part they are a reasonable lenght and well manicured in pastel polishes. Lovely! Also it is now rare to see the less discreet tops. I can put up with the sales pitch a lot better when the...
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    Imagine you're a tanzanite....

    The creepy Mr Lavers has just invited himself into the ladies' heads and asked us to imagine that wearing a tanzanite pendant would make us feel as if we were that high quality stone. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a purple oval. :mysmilie_287: I do think they have some good...
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    Just back from holiday and noticed that Drew is no longer in the presenter list on Gems. Did he leave at the same time as Rod? It seems to be musical chairs a the moment. I haven't bought as much from them lately but I do watch sometimes and find the "old" ones easier to watch (well most of...

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