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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    What's wrong with Exclamation Marks!!!! It's a free country (well maybe not at the moment)!!! Let live!!! 😂:sleep:o_O
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    Thread still alive & kicking! SM has been interesting and good during Lockdown, obviously some is nonsense but lots of positive messages during these awful times!!!
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    How far out of London do they live ???

    That seems a lot of travelling for fuel, time etc! They must be on a very good salary to compensate this!
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    Ruth Langsford TSV 9/1/21

    They are funny together! Was just thinking Ruth has made a good move to QVC under the current TV situation! Don't mind her at all, a lot worse out there.
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    Most liked and disliked presenters on QVC?

    I can watch Charlie but not really any of the other males, maybe Dale if the product is good! I find Wonda Vonda (the shoe wuman) hard to watch, she always looks angry! Carla and Gill G are fun to watch! It really depends on what the presenters are selling.
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    Fitness At Home with Davina TSV 29/12/20

    Agree, far too thin and would never buy that contraption!
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    Used to like Pipa back in the day with her short hair and fun approach. Can't watch her now!
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    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    Saw JF on Jeremy Vine again and spouting Politics and Covid stuff this week! I quickly switched over, very annoying woman at times! :rolleyes:
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    Today I bought....

    Today I bought nothing and yesterday I bought nothing but I did receive a parcel the other day, Oooops!!!
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    Presenters who have had work done on face

    I was thinking the same, as find her face changes a lot! Realise she has had her health issues!
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    Alex K.

    Sometimes she come across ok and then she gets rather shouty!!
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    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    Another one of the shouty brigade and I know best! 😂😂😂😂😂
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    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    I know, it's all rather embarrassing really! She into everything these days, suppose you can't like everyone!!! Marmite is a good description of her!!! I will leave her, thanks!!! Nah, prefer a night out with my own lovely friends, when we are allowed of course!! :p
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    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    Just turned on QVC and the annoying JF has appeared with Molton Brown. Had to switch over immediately, pity as I like MB but just can't listen to her! The other week she was on The Jeremy Vine show and was on her high horse about some Brexit and spouting Political stuff! Again, I switched her...
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    Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse!

    Never read his Blogs but might have a look now!

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