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  • Been a while, hope you are keeping well.

    Alupha a.k.a. RainbowUnicorn a.k.a AC
    Hi Di - thanks for the kind wishes, the sun did indeed shine on our day, it was the best day of my life, I'm cherishing every detail. I'm on honeymoon right now and we're having such a wonderfully romantic break, I don't think I've ever felt this happy x
    HI GREEK thanks for the request it wont be long till your over here buying more bling speak to you soon xx
    Hiya Di, thanks for the friend request you are now firmly in place in my friends list :)

    Wibblypig xxxx
    Hi Di,
    Thanks for asking to be a friend, I have now added you on to my friend list.

    best wishes,
    Mirabelle xx
    Hi Di,

    Nice to welcome you aboard! (We're all mad here...but very friendly too!!) I'm moops on Rocks. xx
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