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      Gremlin reacted to WinthropTuesday's post in the thread How old? with Like Like.
      Dale is 97. I believe Julia Roberts is 107, and those mules she wears are 85.😦
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      Gremlin reacted to Vienna's post in the thread Er, QVC with Like Like.
      Resurrecting this thread for a minute. The soap factory I grew up near and which I mentioned earlier in the thread are now selling their...
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      Gremlin reacted to alisonwt's post in the thread Cozee Home TSV 27/11/23 with Like Like.
      I haven't given in yet. I had it in my basket last night and then thought I would wait and see if it sold out overnight and then I...
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      Gremlin reacted to donna255's post in the thread Prai TSV 28/11/23 with Like Like.
      I remember the first neck cream I used was TBS one way back. I was in my 30s, and I read you should start using one at that age. Just...
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