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    Seasons Greetings Hampy and Stewart, have a good one!
    Hi Ceri,
    Thanks so much for the friends request which I'm only too happy to accept. Dingbat that I am, I thought we were already on each other's 'official' lists...I blame the medication.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you only good things in 2010.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    sending you loadsa happy birthday vibes - have a sneaking suspish that my card won't reach you today cos I did a Loops!!
    mwah xxxx
    Welcome back - hope you had a wonderful relaxing holiday and enjoyed every minute of it. Our son and his lovely g/friend fly out to Miami a week on Wednesday to join their Caribbean Cruise - flying Club Class too because Emma works for BA, lucky devils!! xxxxxx
    Ooo, luvverly! Miami is on my wish list as I am a big Art Deco fan - and, of course, the Carribbean is always fabulous. Hope you have a great time :1:
    Oh, that sounds fab! You must be very content, as you don't seem to be around much on the forum lately - I am happy for you :heart:
    I am fine thanks - been thinking of you actually, as we just returned this week from our cruise in the Baltic - see my post in the drop if you have time, it's in the thread titled 'Formal Nights'. It was a bit of a mixed bag really, but it hasn't put us off, and we are already booked on the QM2 for Norway next summer - hopefully this will be a much better experience.
    Keep smiling :1:
    Fiona xx
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