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    Amazing delivery times at the moment!

    I ordered some items from QVC on Friday and they were delivered on Sunday. I then ordered a couple of things on Sunday and have had an email from Hermes saying they will deliver today. If the service was like this all the time I would use QVC more often.
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    Article on QVC in Sunday Telegraph magazine

    Today’s Sunday Telegraph magazine had a piece on QVC. It was written by a new guest presenter - quite interesting with lots of behind the scenes info.
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    Debbie’s boots

    Please could someone tell Debbie Flint to stop wearing those above the knee boots all the time. Being short and dumpy like me this look does her no favours as it cuts her legs in half! Not a good look.
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    IT guest

    The IT guest who is on air now looks pretty scary especially in the before and after pics. Looks like she has had a lot of work done. Her mouth moves when she talks but the rest of her face is immobile.
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    Anniversary vouchers

    I don’t know if this has been discussed before....I can’t see any threads. However, I am seriously underwhelmed by the anniversary voucher offer. Having to spend at least £100 to get what amounts to 10% off just seems limp when high street shops regularly have 10, 20, 25, or even 30% off at...
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    I keep seeing trailers saying they are back next week. Can’t believe this. The reviews were not good last time. Maybe trying to sell all the returns.
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    Rino and Belle use real fur

    Sorry if this has been posted here before or is common knowledge but I have just discovered that this company use real fur in some of their garments. I was out shopping today in a posh garden centre that sells lots of other stuff and noticed some items by Rino and Belle - caught my eye because...
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    Lola Rose going even further from her beginnings

    Did anyone see the LR shows yesterday? There's a new range of gold plated brass jewellery with precious stones such as ruby and emerald. I'm sure some people will like them - they are nice enough but so different from the original chunky semi-precious pieces I love. I watched all the shows...
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    Lunchtime Show and James Read's feet!

    I've always assumed that the Lunchtime Show, given it's name and time of broadcast at 1pm, is aimed at people watching during their lunch break. If this is the case then surely someone at QVC might have thought that having James Read (nauseating at the best of times IMHO) demonstrate the...
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    Article about QVC and Alison Young in today's Sunday Telegraph

    It's in the magazine Stella.
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    Free p & p??!!??

    Last night on Gems Clearance JF was raving about how good QVC were when they gave free p & p. She said that other retailers gave free p & p all the time but included the cost in the price of the object, whereas QVC gave a lower price but charged p & p but it still worked out cheaper. Therefore...
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    new Leighton Denny guest and model

    I saw the new guest tonight and I find her voice very irritating. Also, the model's nails did not seem to be painted very well. Not as bad as the one on Little Ondine a short while ago, but nothing like the standard of nina's. I know the quality of LD products and will still buy, as will others...
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    Holland and Barret have several flavours of Easiyo on special offer. Buy two and get £2 off. So two packets of Greek and Coconut cost me £4.30. You can also get free delivery if you spend £15 - today only (free deivery today only - not sure how long offer lasts).
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    Jackie Kabler's novel....

    Is on Amazon's Kindle Daily Deals today for 99p.
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    Hobbycraft have 20 % off all week on all goods if you have a loyalty card. There is a good selection of Easi-yo flavours including Greek and coconut.

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