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    Coco the Clown?

    The woman who is on the Cuddle-something hour (long length cardigans) looks like Coco the Clown in the outfit she's wearing - what the heck has she come as? She's quite obviously struggling to make up the chat as she goes, it's painful. She's talking to the guest, who is Alex (ex-Gems...
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    As Arnie said "I'll be back!" - and she is!

    Did anyone notice that at 11 pm this evening, presenter Alex (American female, and very screechy) came on to present? Never liked her, too over the top in my book (and that's saying something for Gems presenters). To my knowledge, she left the company some time ago and pitched up working on...
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    Remind me - are they supposed to sell jewellery?

    Gems TV tonight is an hour of perfume and then an hour of candles! The remote has just been used - if I never see another candle on selly telly it will be too soon and I fail to understand how people want to buy an unknown perfume that you can't trial from a shopping telly channel. In theory...
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    How many more presenters do they need?

    Just caught a bit of the De Jager garden hour - presented by Dale, the Gnome and the Bloke from De Jager (who may be first cousin to The Man From Del Monte), all trying to get a word in edgeways. Why, why, why do they think that 2 so-called 'experts' and 1 'bystander' are all required to...
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    When's a sale not a sale? When it's split pay!

    Well, it had to come, didn't it? Just spent a couple of minutes watching Angeline present a so-called "sale". Every couple of seconds, she says "it's gold under £100". Er, no Angeline, it isn't - it's items of jewellery costing (as far as I've seen so far) well over £100 each - it's only...
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    Moissonite rip-off

    Anyone watch the moissonite hour this evening, with Pete the Pope and male guest, who had as much charisma and personality as a goldfish? Pete, somewhat subdued for once, was trying hard to convince us that a moissonite ring, set in 9K gold, was worth £399 (and at that price we were saving £250...
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    And the Winner of 'The most Naff 'Christmas in July' event is........

    Well, this makes the hat-trick...they've all jumped on the Christmas in July bandwagon, Gems included, and I think they must take the prize for the most naff. Anyone treated to the sight of Adina last night, wearing what looked like Scrooge's nightcap perched as though it was about to fall off...
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    Who IS Arthur Ivy (Ivey)??

    Just been watching a bit of Gemporia, and Angeline is going on and on about items being "from the Arthur Ivy Collection". I gather that these items are displayed in the in-house museum at Gems Towers, but has anyone heard of this person? From the way she's going on, I get the impression he's...
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    Try Poundland!

    Just watching the Orla Kiely spiel - £51 for a foldaway bag. Yes, well, I got one in Poundland last summer, the style's the same, almost identical size, waterproof fabric with coloured handles that match the colour of the pattern on the bag and pretty blue flower pattern on the outside, - and...
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    Which Ideal World "moment" would you reprise if you could?

    Just finished watching Pete at the end of a Moira C hour, bringing on Howard for a preview of what's on next - priceless watching Pete get his facts completely wrong and Howard having to correct him (like a pair of crosstalk comedians, except they weren't funny). It made me think about IW...
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    Yong Kim and Grandpa's old waistcoat

    I know it's been said many times before, but I just cannot believe the prices of Yong Kim! Ingrid Tarrant is wearing a waistcoat that looks a real mish-mash in my opinion, waterfall front with long, straggly length of material at the front, and I am speechless to see that want 90 quid for it...
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    Yet another presenter leaving Gemporia - Rae Carpenter

    Just heard Rae Carpenter mention on-air that this is her last week at Gems. How many more established presenters can this channel lose? Over the past year or so, Steve Bennett has lost a lot of experienced and very well-liked presenters, closed the US channel (yet again) and 'shrunk' the...
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    Peter Simon - literally gut-wrenching

    Here we go again, Pete (in his shorts) up to his tricks yelling "only £25, only £25", when he knows full well that's only a part-payment on another piece of ruddy fitness equipment (the "plus p & p" gets said very softly, as an afterthought). I don't think the male guest is too amused by the...
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    Yet another Jumpsuit fright night!

    I was watching a bit of the Princess Grace jewellery hour with Mrs Snooty herself (Julia) busily talking over the guest and putting him right, when Jackie looms onto the screen plugging her bit of the "treat yourself day" or whatever. What the hell did she look like and what's with this...
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    Kathy in morning fashion show

    Apologies if I'm behind the times here, but this is the first time I've seen Kathy with the shortish, bobbed hairstyle - I thought it suited her, and looks a million times better than the straggly mid-length hairstyle she's sported for ages. On the minus side, the bit of her presentation I...

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