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    Licorice allsorts on fashion sets

    See my post #9 above for video proof.
  2. I Love Chocolate

    Licorice allsorts on fashion sets

    She did! There’s a video on her Instagram page showing how she did it.
  3. I Love Chocolate

    I’m Renting Out.......

    There are two octopus bowls on the dining room table!
  4. I Love Chocolate

    Charlie’s giggling fit

    Yes I thought that too. I’ve watched that many times and still laugh.
  5. I Love Chocolate

    Charlie’s giggling fit

    Love it when he gets the giggles.
  6. I Love Chocolate

    Another QVC con

    I got a similar offer but mine is from 14.12.20-10.01.21 and arrived on 15.12.20. I know it was this day because it was the same day as the Lola Rose TSV and I was going to buy it but changed my mind. I wonder how many variations of this offer there are.
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    Flinty's looking fuller

    Yes, I agree, I wasn’t sure it was her at first but then could make out her voice albeit slightly different.
  8. I Love Chocolate

    Flinty's looking fuller

    I found it! Clive Bull, Thursday 27 August, 7-10 pm. She’s on at 2 hours 14 minutes. How sad am I?! Enjoy!
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    Flinty's looking fuller

    Do you remember which day and presenter? LBC have catch up on their app. I’m intrigued to hear if it’s her!
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    Dyson hair straightener reviews

    Which version do you have? I have the Big Hair with the 42” barrel but I’m sure they’re not removable.
  11. I Love Chocolate

    Jill is winding me up now.......😡😡

    That really annoyed me. I presume that was to do with Covid and she was just making a mockery of any safety precautions put in place.
  12. I Love Chocolate

    Meaco fan

    Maybe she’s talking about her hot flushes?
  13. I Love Chocolate


    OMG! He’s driving me nuts. Usually, in his summary of the item, he just repeats exactly what the guest has just said. This time, on with Davina, he’s said when he gets up he always puts his gym gear on so that he’ll do some exercise. Davina said the same thing 10 seconds earlier!! Micael made...
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    Hopefully not, but as long as I can get my hair done, I’m willing to try anything!
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    I spoke to mine yesterday. He’s booking me in as soon as he’s allowed. I know about the 2m rule obviously. He also said no magazines or drinks and I read that small talk should be kept to a minimum! Anything else I should know? Thanks x

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