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    New Presenters

    I’m a volunteer at a vaccination centre. Had first jab on 11 January, second on 31 March. Boosters can be given six months after the second. Mine was due on 29 September and I had it during my shift in a quiet period. I also received the official NHS invite email to say it was due. Once you get...
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    Repeat Repeat Repeat....

    I said this last year - not that anyone agreed with me! It drives me insane 😜
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    I think it’s because everyone over the age of 18 would have been offered a vaccine by then. There are loads of vaccination centres though so they should be pro-active and arrange one themselves, not wait for the invite.
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    Gok's Jumper

    I don’t mind what sex they are. I just want the best. I work in the private sector and it really infuriates me when a patient wants to see a doc urgently but when they find out the doc is the opposite sex, they decide they’ll wait. Not urgent then!!
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    Aldi reading glasses Sunday 7 March

    Thanks for the heads up. Bought 2 pairs today x
  6. I Love Chocolate

    Boots free beauty box

    Much better than M&S who let you buy the box if you spend a certain amount. Very generous of them!!
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    The most dapper man on television...really?

    He did the fitness hour 2 hours later with Davina, but why he thought the jacket looked good with the shorts is beyond me! 🤦‍♀️
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    Unbelievable !

    I misunderstood this. I thought you were saying the model’s tan (not the dress) looked like dog’s poo!!!!
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    Kirks Folly - She’s back

    Kirks Folly returning in November.
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    Chloe Everton

    I’d like to see more photos (I’m so nosey!). Please share where you saw them.
  11. I Love Chocolate

    Kathy Taylor leaving QVC after 21 years

    Yes, I was right. Far more stylish than Kathy.
  12. I Love Chocolate

    Liz Earle

    Update: received my replacement shampoo. In a box this time, wrapped in tissue paper with the LE seal. Surrounded by lots of foam “Wotsits”! Sent 24 hour tracked. Superb service.
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    Debbie Flint Instagram

    I doubt very much she is volunteering because of what is written about on here! Maybe, just maybe, she enjoys volunteering and is proud to do so. Also, putting it out on social media keeps the message going about taking the vaccine.
  14. I Love Chocolate

    Kathy Taylor leaving QVC after 21 years

    I read this as the new regular presenter of the Morning Style show not a brand new presenter. We shall see ...
  15. I Love Chocolate

    Liz Earle

    Spoke to them. They asked me to ring PO but no answer so just told them I’d spoken to them! Sending a replacement by Friday. Very strange I didn’t receive it as I got the other two. Never mind. All good now. By the way, all the LE staff have the same type of voice, if you know what I mean!

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