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    Hello! Happy new year! Apologies for the delay, I've been using phone and tablet and don't get to see messages. How are you? I didn't have any LG for xmas, which is a first for me! I have been looking at the sale but nothing is floating my boat - odd! And have you noticed that the prices haven't dropped as the sale goes on, like they usually do?! lol Anyway, hope you are well and happy, Love Nat xx
    Hi Heather! Long time no speak. I haven't logged on here for months and months, maybe since the start of the year - gosh! Hope you are ok! I don't think I have any new additions :-( lol I have bid on two blue jenny bags on ebay and lost both! There was also a red Wanda on there which I missed - not meant to be! I have just heard that Lulu G is on next weekend, so I have logged on here to see if there is any news as I think it's the TSV slot?

    How is life treating you anyway? Have you any new addidtions?!! I was very tempted with the latest sale, but would have been buying for the sake of buying!

    Hope you are well and happy :)

    Hi there.
    Thanks for the friend request. You beat me to it as I was going to send you one today!! Talk about great minds eh?
    Thanks again for making me feel like a normal person, well, if you can call being obsessed with a black and white cat called Ainzley normal!!
    I too have had the "ah, when you meet the right man you'll soon want children" speech. Well, I have met the right man and, no, still don't want any!!
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