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  • To Jacqualina

    With very warm seasonal greetings and wishing you a Happy Christmas
    Pamela xx

    Thanks for the reply Jacqualina, relieved to hear that all is well with your lovely new purchase.

    S xx
    Hi Sacha,
    Thanks for the warning - you certainly have eagle eyes! I hadn't noticed it, but it was a hair and I've cleaned it now. Mind you, with two cats and a dog in the house, that's not surprising.
    Many thanks for your instructions - I've printed them off and will keep them safe. You might come to regret it, there'll be no stopping me now!

    Jennifer xx
    Hi Jacqualina, saw your pics on the Rocks&Co forum, very nice and well done. Just wanted to say privately, on the second pic of the ring on your hand, when its enlarged, I can see something on the lower right part of the stone. Hopefully its just a hair or piece of fluff. Have you noticed it?

    S xx
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