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  • Hi Jan
    hope you are well. I did send you an email as I had not seen you online recently,how are things going???
    Had Livvy today bless her,she had a bit of a cold but was happy enough. The weather is horrible cold and wet yuk.lol
    Love Angie xxx
    Hi Jan
    Hows you today.Happy New Year xxxx.
    I have totally lost my voice and feel under the weather but will survive. Rob is coming down with it too.Men they must get jealous and want the sympathy.lol
    Katy and him sang on NYE at a club,they were great and I was so proud even though I was ill and could not talk to anyone. The place was packed and the atmosphere was electric.I bought Katy a steamer for her throat at Xmas as the doctor thinks she needs one ,she went recently to see him cos she was having one or two problems and he has referred her to a specialist.It seems the steamer did the job and her confidence came back so it was lovely to see her strutting her stuff and singing away.Anyway will catch up in the week I hope. You've been a dear and supportive friend to me this year .
    Love Angie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Jan,
    just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I see yours is the day after mine & wondered if like me you hated it when you were at school and always the yougest in the class? Have a good day anyway!
    Carol xx
    Hi Jan
    Just wanted to let you know not to worry if you have noticed cheque remains unpaid. I bank electronically with the Co-op so cheque has to go to Post Office now some way away. I haven't wanted to ask anyone to do this for me yet as they're all doing above and beyond already. Anyhow, as I say, just wanted to let you know there's nothing to worry about such as lost cheques, incompetent banks, etc.
    Lots of love and thanks, and hope you and yours had a wonderful Crimbo and have a great New Year.
    Maggie (Argey)
    Hi Jan

    Thank you for the lovely Birthday wishes xxxx Lots of Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxx
    Much appreciated you keeping a look out for me, please keep it up!
    HI Jan,

    Just read your post in the Technology section. Can I ask if your HP6820 is a laptop or a netbook? I'm so bloomin' confused right now..lol!
    Hi Jan
    have emailed you and not heard from you. Have I upset you in anyway hun? I do hope not.Miss you .Angie xxx
    Hi Jan, Noticed your post 24/7. Have you had it checked, because a bleed of that length of time, I had the same and it turned out to be Fibroids, now I have a Polyp which I am waiting to go in and have removed, and I had not had a bleed for over 12 months...
    Love Patsy xxx
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