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    Sending Out Used Products.

    Lately I have been getting sent out used products by qvc, the last thing was the Mally TSV there was used eye liner, and the Poreless face defender had clearly been used as had the filthy sponge that came with it. The other things I got in the set were gifts for a family members birthday. I...
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    . I have always had fine hair all my life even as a child. I have been using a shampoo from boots with a matching conditioner called Nanogen and am pleased with the results.
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    Parbens question?

    I was just reading some of the reviews for the Judith Williams neck cream on the q website and there were people saying it had parbens in it. Can anyone tell me if this is true? Do JW products have parbens in? I have used her products before and never had a problem, but was just wondering? Also...
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    Sara Griffiths on Diamonique show.

    I don't know if anyone saw Sara Griffiths on the 2 hour Diamonique show on Wednesday afternoon. She was extremely rude to the guest Alison O'reilly, constantly interrupted her, talked over her. Sara completely ruined the show for me. I had to switch over half way through, when I really wanted to...
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    AY Comment On Gatineau Show

    I don't know if anyone saw the later evening show with Gatineau and Alison Young, but she made a comment about animal testing. First she said that Gatineau, did NOT test on animals, and then she went on to say that NONE of the beauty brands they stock at qvc test on animals. Can someone tell me...

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