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    Random musings and general banter.

    Why are Ideal World flogging barbecues, arent we meant to be self isolating. jess phillips, and paul Brodel are cooking food, they were serving massive steaks and pounds of sausages. Clearly not thinking
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    Random musings and general banter.

    I have noticed Sally Jacks is doing more c&c shifts as well as doing voiceovers, could she be moving
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Jess Phillips is very attractive though
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    Is Ideal World getting a overhaul like Create and Craft?

    The Company who bought Ideal Shopping Direct last year, are making changes to C&C, bringing back companies such as Crafters Companion, Tonic, Dawn Bibby and putting a lot of money into it. Surely Logic would seem Ideal World also changing. Bringing more brands in, than the same items over and...
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    Andi Peters is he a guest or a presentter

    I regularly watch food fest, as it makes me laugh them stuffing down all the overpriced food. But Andi seems to do more presenting than Dale, does item numbers etc, what makes him so special. It’s always him and Dale. Can only Dale bare him
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    Ideal World on Create and Craft including Maker Reward points

    Just before 7pm Andy Love said Fashion on Create and Craft tonight. Will see a selection of Ideal World products, with Maker Reward points available. Also a couple of hours of stuff Saturday and Sunday
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    How come Create and Craft have the good presenters?

    I mainly watch Create and Craft, but the presenters seem more normal than those on Ideal,World. Dean Wilson, Martyn Parker, Andy Love, Loen Love, Nigel May have all worked for Ideal World, why there they put on the sister station, when Ideal World has ex bid presenters. Jenny Cleary, Dan...
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    Julian Ballantyne nice surprise?

    Turned onto IW to only find Julian on a hoover hour, nice to see him again, really hope the presenting goes well for him. I thought he would be a bit upmarket for IW, but maybe after his last couple of ventures he wants steady work
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    Ideal World presenters acting different on create and craft?

    The other day Sally Jacks was on Create and Craft, she was good and asked sensible questioned and seemed sensible, and not there normal IW Style. Also on the odd occasion Mike Mason has presented he has come over really professional, and also seemed interested, Peter Simon well, he was just...
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    How long has Paul Ross been a IW Presenter.

    He is selling the Cookshop Halogen oven Pick of the Day hour.
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    R.I.P. Oban Love

    just heard Loen say on create and craft, shevhad received cards for her and Andys dog Oban. Loens FB page said he had to be put to sleep on 28 May. Oban used to go on air with them sometimes on IW. Even though neither work on IW now but on Create and Craft, thought you folks would want to know
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    Are all the daytime hours live?

    Been watching the Will hour, its 11am, and Genieve keeps saying This Evening, some guy from the call centre come through, she said Good Evening, to him, he replied witb were busy this evening, was he just being polite.
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    Roz Kwan was lovely to see her again?

    I remember when she used to QVC often doing Gems of the Orient. Was lovely seeing her doing South Sea Pearls last night, I was channel flicking, I recoginsed her voice before i saw her face.
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    How have Green Seasons done this Xmas?

    As a thread hasn't been started I hope everybody who has ordered meat has had there orders fulfilled, and not been left without any meat.
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    If IW are in trouble what does that mean for Create & Craft?

    Aren't both channels run by the same company, Ideal Shopping Direct, I have noticed with Create & Craft, once Sara Davies, shifted Crafters Companion to Hochanda, The Quanity of different hours on Create & Craft have dwindled, you seem to get a hour from the same company, like 3 hours a day

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