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    L'Occitane TSV 14/04/20

    I just bought some nursem hand cream and wash and they’re lovely so will stick with them
  2. JCR1982

    L'Occitane TSV 14/04/20

    Ooooh when do you think you will be able to find it 😉 might be interested in this one as my hands are getting sore!
  3. JCR1982

    Doll 10 TSV 21/03/20

    Yes they sure look the same to me!
  4. JCR1982

    It Cosmetics TSV 02/04/20

    Ah cool thanks SCW!
  5. JCR1982

    It Cosmetics TSV 02/04/20

    You can actually buy it now. 👍 thanks scw
  6. JCR1982

    How can I go ad free?

    I get them too although I became a vip donkey years ago!
  7. JCR1982

    It Cosmetics TSV 02/04/20

    Ooooh wonder what this will be, hopefully the pink cc cream. I actually liked the last one even though it was boring - everything got used.
  8. JCR1982

    Bare minerals TSV

    I know that the latest bare minerals TSV was taken over by something else and I just wondered if we knew when there was one & even better if we knew what it is going to be. Thank you
  9. JCR1982

    LAB TSV 9/3/20

    Oh I was looking forward to bare minerals as was hoping It was the foundation stick boo!
  10. JCR1982

    LAB TSV 9/3/20

    Do we have any idea what this is yet?? X
  11. JCR1982

    Postage refund qvc

    Perfect I phoned them and got it back - wasn’t bloody cheap as got a few items and their p&p is ridiculous! Thank you
  12. JCR1982

    Postage refund qvc

    Hello lovely people. Can I just check with you - I bought some items from Q and they arrived on Monday, didn’t like them so sent them backthe same day. I’ve had emails today to say refunds are on there way but it’s missing the p&p,. Am I right in thinking I am due these p&p back as I sent it...
  13. JCR1982

    Vitamix TSV

    Does anyone know the finer details of the TSV? Thanks in advance.
  14. JCR1982

    Josie Maran

    Does anyone know if we are due to get a TSV from Josie Maran? I'm sure I saw Ali young say we were going to get one awhile back but I have never seen it! Thank you
  15. JCR1982

    Emjoi Pedi

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so annoyed with QVC - Ordered the pink one item no 400470 which was described on the internet as: 1 micro pedi unit 1 blue cartridge 2X AA batteries 2 X magenta replacement rollers 2 x blue replacement rollers 1 cleaning brush Arrived today minus the replacement rollers so...

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