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    Animal Print

    Jut a quick question.... I've never been to the US, and don't watch much US TV, so does everyone out there actually wear top to toe animal print polyester? If not, why the heck are we getting it all then? Jinny x
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    It's Clearance time......again.....

    In a bid to rival bed company Dreams for the most amount of clearance sales in a year, Gems is yet again presenting us with a feast of high-quantity, low-cost "auctions".... No doubt there are, at this moment, artisans all over the sub-continent churning out hundreds of...
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    Bloody shambles....

    Ok - I know I should stop watching altogether if I find it so irritating, but I was actually hoping that the Lapidary hour might offer something innovative; now, due to "technical problems" it's been cancelled! Gems is going from bad to worse; I have no idea what the Bennett's vision was when...
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    Crock of the Day....

    I see IW are refusing to give up on a tried (and trying) formula by punting out yet another pack of dated sh!te for this weeks Craft Pick of the Day... I'm sure there's a company somewhere that's got a stack of Peoples Friends and Woman magazines from the 60s and 70s, and has spent each day...

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