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  • Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner. I will answer the pm (might not be tonight), I've had a few problems with my jaw hitting the floor!!!! I've read your thread-well done!! Now, send a bit of that positivity my way pleaseeeeeeee!!!! :D
    Hi Justine,
    Just read your Post.
    Well done you, you have taken positive steps and courage to strike out on your own and now you are in charge of your life again. Keep it up and it will get better and better, pleased you went and enjoyed your Holiday.
    Love and besdt wishes. Patsy xxxxx

    Pouring down with rain here - so haven't been able to do what we planned (out in to the countryside with the family and dogs) - so will just have a birthday tea, out, later! :)

    Sara x
    I'm not sure juzzab - now that gorgeous dale and stu have gone :( :( - I think I would be happy as long as Darnell, Kathreya or Mohamed don't win :D
    Hi Justine, I hope you're ok, I've not seen you on lately. What do you think of the change of subjects on the quiz? Penny
    Hi Justine, I've not been on as much, I've only just got here today! I've replied to your mail, sorry I've been a bit slow. I'm only just about to tackle the quiz!! I hope you're doing ok. Chat soon, Penny
    I've only popped on for a sec, footies nearly finished and my afternoon alone will be over.....
    The weather is weird here too, sunny then overcast and rain, currently a strange light, as if it can't decide what to do next! At least it's warmer than it was. I wouldn't mind but it makes the grass grow and I only cut it last Tuesday-a woman's work is never done!!:D
    Well...............nope, it wasn't!! Likewise I wasn't trying to boost my popularity either!! :eek: I hope you're ok, I'll reply properly later. Are you rain or sun , it's a bit of both here-ok till you walk out the door!! (rain and sun are supposed to be smilies but I can't get them to work!)
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