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    Hi Kitten,
    I'm managing reasonably well, thanks. Took myself off loads of medication to the horror of the medics, and have felt much better since. So much for the experts, eh?
    Hope you're okay. You were having family dramas last time we spoke and feeling down as a result of it all.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Kitten.

    great I am pleased you are having a better week this week, Good idea to be organised for xmas then its not so much of a last minute rush. I usually start my shopping about now too. I have just recieved a Liz earle order and they forgot to put in the smoothing line serum so I rang them, and they are going to send me one today brilliant customer service.

    I wont be posting a deal on the forum as dont have the time to sit on it all day lol. I am soooo busy, but I will defo answer all messages and pms from all my friends. Hope you have a good week kitten. Love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    How are you doing. Hope you are okay, Have a good week Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I know what you are saying if you suffer with sinus and summer allergies bet it can be a real nusiance for you. I think the cold weather is defo coming in now, its raining very fast here at moment. Im snezzing alot this morning so think the cold is coming out of me now. I have no plans for the weekend so will just relax and paint my nails with one of the new Hills collection colours from Nails inc thats arrived today! Hurrah!!!

    have a good weekend KWC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I'm alot better thank you. I managed to go out on Saturday with my freind. I didn't think I would be over the flu, but I made sure I wrapped up and we had a nice time. Had a good pamper before hand.

    its alot cooler here today too,. Think the nights will start drawing in again soon so won't be so humid anymore

    Take care Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi KWC

    Just popping in to say hi and hope you are okay my freind xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    lol Well you know where I am if you ever need someone to talk to xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Your Posts are ace kitten xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Kitty

    im sorry to hear things are not good for you. Please feel free to pm me anytime wont you,

    Glad the piccie cheered you up. always here for you freind xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi kitten,
    Haven't seen you around much lately and wondered if everything was okay.
    Take care. Love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Just popped in to say hi, kitten. I hope all is well. xx
    Hi Kitten,

    I love purple. I think you should try purple eyes, I always say evolve a bit on something not used before, i have done that in the past and been suprised that something that I would not normally wear looked and good and I liked it. must say though I love the look of the Mally Make up never tried the range, but I know what kit you are talking about and think its gonna look fab on you! Enjoy it when it arrives and let me know how you go on. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:flower:
    I would agree about the shade, kitten. I look icteric and, although the texture is lovely, I do not look very healthy. I liked the Finale Branca, but haven't tried the Saude Pele, yet. I hope the 'cream' works out for both your DD and I! :) xxx
    Great choice, Kitten! The discovery kit in the lighter shades is almost invisible, so I believe you can use the CD blusher on top. I hope you get it soon and, please, let us know what you think. I got a sample size of the CD veludo in Luz. I am really impressed with the texture, not sure about the shade though; I will need to order the new 'cream' shade. Talk to you, soon. ws, xxxxxxxx
    Hi Kitten,
    I hope all is well with you. Have a nice Bank Holiday weekend.
    Love, ws xxxxxx
    Hi Kitten
    Yes Bix has totally settled in but only as Suki, who kept really going for him, has gone to stay with my boyfriend. They adore each other and Suki is really happy being number one cat again.
    Bix is a sweetheart and purrs every time I touch him..he's into everything with his needle sharp little claws, including me, just covered with scratches! Much as I love cats I am also allergic to them ,so on the antihistamines & using my inhaler more at the moment.
    He's enjoying all the usual kitten toys plus one of my silk scarves which he got hold of and dragged off. He gets wrapped up in it and then his head pops sweet.
    Hope all is well with you
    Love Alice & Bix x x
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