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  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - one of the things I struggle with is making my mind up - I can stand in front of a shelf with 10 items on it in a shop & still be there 2 hours later (literally)! Usually I just walk out in the end, not having bought anything! lol

    (Is also why I can be slow to post replies, have to check them 10 times for spelling mistakes etc.!)
    HI there friend

    How you doing. Hope you are okay and having a good week so far.

    Lots of love to you Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi KWC
    thanks you for accepting my friends request. Hope you are okay xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Kitten
    Just to let you know that my kitten came today.Turns out to be a little boy, so Milly is out and Bix is in. There's a photo of him in the pet section of the Drop.
    Hope you are well
    Love Alice x x
    Hi kitten..I've just confirmed the friendship request...thanks a lot. I did have you as 'pending' on my friends list but after no reply I unticked you..sorry about that!
    Will be getting my own kitten next week..'Milly' a little black & white girl and hope to post some photos soon.
    Love Alice x x x
    Hi KWC, thanks for your comment on the thread I started about JR today(is the bitchfest reversed over). Sometimes you write something and then worry that everyone will think you're a right bitch, but like you said she is just there to sell items not herself.I cannot bear show offs, we all have different talents, it may be just being able to make people feel at ease, being practical, being a good cook (not me). We are all special in some way, but most don't shout about it. regards Bobbie
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