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  • Sorry to hear you've been poorly ..... been worrying good-oh about Argey..... don't like to think of the forum Feisties getting sick!
    Wish you much better health in 2011!
    Hi Anne,
    Oh my goodness, you poor thing! I knew that something was amiss when I didn't see you around much. Sounds like you've had a dreadful time, and I can empathise with you about the bloomin' steroids and what they do to the immune system, it's horrendous.
    I really hope you start to feel stronger and much better very soon, I should imagine that you're as weak as a kitten right now. What with you and Argey being in hospital at around the same time, it's been a trifle dull on the jewellery threads, so can't wait to have you both back and on form.
    I'm okay, thanks. I'll be glad to get the latest surgeries out of the way, and then the follow-up treatments, but hopefully, things will go reasonably well, and I'll be able to get a bit of respite mid-year.
    Take care. Much love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Anne,
    Am a bit worried that you might not be too well at the moment as I haven't seen your usual pithy and funny posts on the jewellery bits of the forum, and as you know, my posts need all the support I can get before the Bennetts have me assassinated or something!
    Hope you're okay, and sending lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Anne,
    Oh, thank you! I was just hoping that I wasn't coming across as a moaning minnie/prize bitch sort of combination, but if it's caused a giggle then it's all worthwhile.
    I'm back and forth to the hospital and just gearing up for the next surgery and whatever follows, so it's an inbetweeny sort of time at the moment, iykwim.
    I hope that your health is better than it was, and that at least the meds are suiting you better; I know you were having a rough time with side-effects at the time I left the forum; sometimes the drugs cause as many symptoms as the illness itself, I find. Next thing we know Steve Bennett will have taken over the pharmaceutical industry, and then watch out! Lowest ever death rates, rates rarer even than tanzanite! Gawd, I'm getting a hot flush just thinking about it.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Awwh! Poor old Krosbint. Drugs is like men, can't live wiv 'em, can't live wivart 'em blah blah. Good to hear you've picked up again though, and it's grand to see you posting again and in your own inimitable style. Loves yah. xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Anne, sorry you have been unwell, but great news your feeling better now and its great to have you back on the forum.
    Take care and i'll catch you on the forum Dawn xxx
    Hi Anne, i hope your ok as i haven't seen you for a while and i miss your posts. Dawn xxx
    Oi, Krosbint - what you up to. I've been sent to give you a prod (of the pink variety). Hope you're okay? xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Anne, hope you're okay. It seems an awful long time since I've seen you post anything. Hope to see you posting again soon, it's too quiet without you! Andrea xxx
    Sorry you're feeling poorly again Anne ... hope you feel better very soon.

    Ann xxx

    PS Nessie has passed my email address onto M.
    Dear Klosblue, please thank Meeshoo for this information.
    I have a few prices of Alexanderite I purchased in 2006 (I think) and its good to know that they are the real deal.
    I miss Meeshoo posts and I am was very upset about you. I did write a post expressing my disgust at the attack on you. but I think that the thread was deleted.
    My best wishes to both of you for 2010
    Kind regards Sapphireblue
    Hi Anne, I was too late to post on the thread about Meesh, but would like her to know that I'm very sad to see her leave the forum, and I really hope that she returns to us soon. I hate these nasty personal attacks and I wish these eejits would just sod off and find some other pastime - suicide, perhaps...They really get me down. I don't go on the jewellery threads much, but I have started taking note of the comments there since this situation with you and now Meesh occurred. Please pass on my love and best wishes to M, and you take care too.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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