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  • Hi! Just wondering how you are? I think you must still be away. Hope you are having a good time, let me know when you are back :)
    Ooooh, you bounce when I answer you but not on my page-spooky!!! I bet you found a thread on here to laugh at when you popped on!! Have you seen my page, another man has appeared-people will start to wonder about sweet little me!!! xxx
    hiya Carol, sorry it has taken me so long to reply. i got back a few weeks ago but i have been run off my feet since then and i havent been able to spend a lot of time online. hopefully things will be back to normal service soon and i will be able to come and relax more often (well longer than the 5 minutes anyway lol) I hope that you and yours are well (hows the puppy getting along btw?)
    love, becca
    Yes, absolutely! But do check out the other recommendations on tripadvisor as I say, there are some much more affordable places that look good. I always look to trip advisor for my ideas for holiday accomodation - they are very reliable.
    Oh yes, I did! It's great, I've used it every day since getting it, - even baked a couple of cakes in it! Am going to try bread next.
    Hi there! Pleased to read that you had a good time in the Cotswolds. I have never been, but heard it's beautiful. So, it's back to work and school this week, I guess?
    Mum has a dental appointment on 10th Sept. which means we will have to meet up after I return from holiday instead. Sorry to mess you about, but she has a tooth that has been causing bother for ages and it really needs sorting out.
    Will email you later - it's working now ;)
    Had a lovely day in York thank you: pink champagne on the bus going, Pimms, nice meal at Piccolinos, some red wine. Sore feet, and fell asleep on the bus coming home, in bed for 8.30pm! My niece was really pleased with the aquamarine & diamond ring I gave her for her birthday.
    We are working flat out on the chicken run, which is proving much more difficult than first anticipated due to us living in a very hilly area. I'm worried it won't be finished in time as it keeps raining and hubby is going into hospital on Friday (for a minor op) but I don't think he'll be up to much woodwork next weekend. Managed to get my washing dry at least - as you know, that is my primary obsession on a Saturday!
    Budapest is a stunning city, you'll love it. We stayed at the Hilton which is up in the grounds of the castle, and part of the World Heritage Centre, worth looking to see if you can get a good price. We brought back a beautiful embroidered tablecloth for MIL, which she uses every time we visit!
    Would love to have a couple of spaniels to play with in the forest - my idea of bliss, but hubby's idea of a nightmare!
    Hi! Just dropping by to say hello. Went to TKMaxx today to buy new bag & shoes for the races tomorrow, had just arrived home with them, when my niece phoned to say the whole York race meeting has been abandoned due to rain :( We are still going to go to York for the day tomorrow, but no need to get quite so dressed up now, so I didn't need to spend all that cash on new outfit, hat, bag & shoes after all. Grrrr!
    Hope you've had a good day - have you been anywhere nice?
    I had to cut the grass!!! Now it's raining-again. I'll catch you later or tomorrow. Did you carry on the chat? We were chatting about old kids progs and hotpants!!! lol xx
    You must rest and let Percy take on the role of Mum. He can be trained quickly to mimic your voice...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    At some point it logged me out, sorry, I was elsewhere tapping away in reply to someone-wonder who!!!!! xx
    Wow, Purple?? Cool! I use henna to help mine along a bit. I was a natural strawberry blonde when younger, but it has turned a most disappointing shade of brown now, with more than a sprinkling of grey :(
    If you have turned pink, at least you will be easy to spot - no need to wear a red carnation lol!
    Ooooh! Did you do it? Hope you are pleased with it.
    Have been doing laundry and shopping with mum this morning to Morrisons, nothing exciting. This afternoon I went over to my friend's in Wakefield and we took her 2 children to the Kirklees Light Railway at Clayton West. We had a great time and the weather stayed sunny for us. The we went back to their place and I had a cuddle of their chickens. They have 4 Ginger Warrens, and have had them for about 2 months now. They are lovely, and very tame - Isabelle, Mrs Slocombe, Arthur (!) and Chook-Chook. Her little boy hasn't quite worked out that only girl hens lay eggs, so you can guess which hen is his :D I was given 6 lovely fresh eggs to bring home for my tea too.
    Hope you have had a good day too. Thanks for your email address, I will email you soon, I am having a bit of trouble with mine and hubby is having to reset the password.
    Hi hun no am ok will get intouch with you later hun lol lol do you know I am sat here dithering about going to do the same as you lol lol hairdressers are my nightmare lol lol I just have to muster up the courage to go out and do it lol lol will get back to you the other way hun lol Sue xxxxxxxxx
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