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  • I ordered one of those Remoska things today, in an effort to reduce the amount of gas we use. It seems such a waste to put the oven on at mark 9 for 20 minutes to cook 15 oven chips for himself! I'm hoping for great things from this little gadget :D
    Weather completely mad here today - blazing sunshine at the moment, but it was chucking it down and blowing a gale 5 minutes ago. I'm in and out like a fiddler's elbow with my laundry!
    My friend Carol is coming in about half an hour, with her hubby & my lovely little Princess, so I need to whizz round now and make the place a little more 'baby friendly'.
    Hope you are having a lovely day - tell Percy Auntie Fiona says hello!
    Btw, I was wondering if you would fancy meeting up some time, if we could find a suitable half way point? I like chatting with you online, but it would be lovely to meet for lunch or something and have a proper chat.
    I love Parrots, and so does Mr Lily. If we didn't go on holiday so much, I reckon we would get one - or maybe a pair of lovebirds . We'd have no-one to look after them though, so impossible I'm afraid.
    Weather has been a dead loss here too, no chance at all of getting any washing dry, and I really resent using the dryer in August!
    awwww I love birds. I have 3 budgies but would love a parrot. He looks a handsome boy!

    lol Typical man how true xxxx Take care Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxx
    awwwww thank you so much lala so cute!!!! I also very much Love your avatar!!!Is it your bird? lots of love Dazzler xxx a lovely weekend to you too.
    Your wish was my command-bright and sunny-except, my sea weed tells me there is heavy rain coming in around mid-day, batten down the hatches!!!!! lol
    South Africa is a wonderful place to holiday! Cape Town is a beautiful city and there's loads to see & do. (Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch, Robben Island) Also close to winelands (hic), garden route and we are going on safari for 2 days at Port Elizabeth. We have been once before and we loved it. The flight is long, but because it's almost straight down you don't cross many time zones, so hardly any time difference and no jet lag.
    Love your bird, what's he/she called?
    Thanks Carol! I'm fine and looking forward to a lie-in tomorow as I've been staying up far too late recently and not getting my kip! I hope you are well too and I hope you have a great weekend as well! Take care, Love Sheila xxx
    Hi Carol! The diets going OK - I've lost another 2lbs and I think the Lipobind helps so I'll continue taking it. I'm chilling with a glass of pink fizz before getting an early night as we're to LA tomorrow morning for our hols! Hope you're well and I'll catch up with you when I get back...
    hi there carol
    aww thank you so much for the message carol and the lovely birhday message too i so apprieciate that very much , thanks ,xxxxxxx well carol how are you i do hope your ok and well ,

    ime fine , theres always so many things to do you just cant get round to writing messages ,but i will soon , well i had a lovely birthday made very special , for me indeed , i had a great day , yep i recoverd LOL no it was good though i enjoyed it very much , anyway carol ime just going to answer some other messages back and get them done , before i forget ,
    take care carol and i will speak soon to you lots of love from karina ,
    Did the sea crossing not agree with you? You look a little green around the gills!!! I'll wave, stroke and stir like crazy, I'm doing my best for Sunday but tomorrow looks like a right-off at the moment, wear winter woolies if you go anywhere!! lol xx
    Hiya Carol, I was just thinking last night I hadn't heard from you for a while! I am a bit preoccupied with my chicken run at the mo, Hubby is half way through building it and I've ordered my birds for the end of September - we are off to South Africa mid September, which will be great. We have been before, but this time we are taking my friend and her daughter.
    Love your new avatar, is that your bird?
    Right will start again after replying last night and it bliddy logged me out and lost everything lol lol note to my self must type quicker lol lol
    lol lol ah so now I see the french connection mon amie lol lol
    Fleur wont be long I'm sure and I must read this forum with my bliddy eyes shut lol
    and yes I want to come sounds fun and whats this about Yolanda and Liam lol

    EEEERRRRR no my lips are sealed lol lol cant on here I would get bliddy banned lol lol

    Thanks for that lala it does mean a lot to me its been a very carp year and hearing will eventually restore my confidence which went by the wayside very quickly just cut myself off from people but hopefully becoming a hearing person I will once again eventually set myself free on the world yikes is that a good thing or a bad thing for the world........dont answer that lala lol lol
    I'm sure Fleur is winging her way to you right now and I will be along soon just have to sort travel documents out lol
    See you soon love Sue xxxxx
    No, I wasn't but i am now. Got me false beard and Groucho Marx specs on. Don't tell a soul....xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi mon ami whats with all this french lol lol. Awwww you been avoiding me sob sob sniff sniff lol lol Ive been as bad just sneaking in and then off again lol lol
    I'm very well got my app for my pre op assessment next monday so if all is well should be having my op for my second BAHA september/october and will be hearing for christmas. Its this weather few days its nice the raining and then cold that makes me tired.
    Oh lucky you Los Cristianos Tenerife please am having a blonde moment even though I'm brunette lol. I was in Los Gigantes a couple of years ago when I was single went with another single girlfreind and loved it boy did we have some fun........errrr better leave that there lol
    love Sue xxxxx
    HI lala , Dont worry sometimes we have a lot on dont we, as long as you are ok, I needed to check on you xx Glad you are. take Care Love Dazzler! xxxxx
    Well, i hope you have him on that high protein diet to maintain his stamina cause he's going to be busy and in demand for quite some singing re the cabin: wood-n't it be good? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I'd have a day's rest if I was with yer man too....Glad you are liking the log cabin - watch out for splinters...
    Cheerio. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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