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  • I am really worried about Graham's mental state, he needs medical help, is there anyone who knows him on the forum who could make him seek help? Maybe someone can take the step to show the pictures to his doctor?
    I am fairly new here, even though I have posted a lot, I only joined this year. I am going to post this same message to some others.
    I just don't want to be a "witness " to something nasty and feel that I have not tried to do something:sad:
    Well, I'll give it a try later on, my head's a bit fuzzy right now after the latest in a seemingly endless series of sleepless nights. Still, I suppose one gets used to them after the first few decades...Eeek! xxxx
    Aww, that's such a sweet thing to say, thank you, I appreciate it. I have the example of my lovely late mum, who went through so much more with humour and dignity, and she'd have had something to say about it if I went into regular whinge mode, though I must admit I do descend into maudlin nonsense from time to time. xxxx
    And this one's me without all the slap and the hairdo, so as you can see, not so glitzy without a good photographer! xxxx
    lol, you daft thing! It was me during my years in Dallas, sadly well over 10 years ago, these days I look like her older, yuckier sister. I've started using personal piccies from time to time cos my hair fell out due to chemo and then it grew back nearly white! Ironically, I'd always hated my red hair, but now I'd give at least a fiver to have it back, so I'm belatedly celebrating my copper tresses. What a dingbat, eh? xxxx
    It's not an actress, duckieboots. xxx
    Now then, now then, dry those tears, we want big grins round here for the forseeable future!
    Just popping in to say 'hi', LEL. I hope all is well. Love, Eve xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi LE,
    Well, my Chloe arrived yesterday & must say, was very impressed with the bottle, really pretty, lol..
    I do really like the smell, don't have anything like it.. Its classy, not overpowering & the smell does last a long time.. Im no good at describing fragrances either, lol.. But yes, this is very nice (whoo hoo):mysmilie_696:
    I know what you mean. MrM commented yesterday that I spend so much time putting creams/lotions on my skin then sit there and eat mince pies etc. My resolution is the usual - lose weight. x
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year too LE.. Hope 2010 brings you lots of happiness & good things :mysmilie_1766:
    Hi again, with regards to Love A'kin I notice that she is on your friends list. Have you sent her a private message? I miss her too.
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