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    Congratulations on your parents' wedding anniversary, LEL! What a lovely day it must have been :) Thank you for your kind wishes. Lots of love, ws xxxx
    Hi LEL! Thank you for your lovely msg and thoughts. I've been working in Brussels for a couple of weeks and had only restricted internet access at work. Dad is starting a five-week course of chemo and radio, then surgery following a two-week break. I am fine and I hope so are you :) Lots of love, ws xxx
    So glad you like it! I was wearing mine last night and it was much admired, it always is. I like that the neck is low enough to set off a necklace, too, and yes, it does hide a multitude of sins!
    Thankyou for letting me know...Heather xxx
    If you find out that you like it, it has the potential of a good career in criminal justice and also as a government advisor. I can't wait for H to appear on the screen!
    You are very welcome, LEL. I am sure you will do really well. Wow, that will be very interesting! :)
    Well done, LEL, it is a good idea! I am very impressed. I wish you all the best with your studies. :)xxxx
    I meant to ask, "what are you studying". Sorry about that, LEL!
    Thank you, LEL. I am glad you are fine :) Study leave?
    He will do some blood tests, next week. He may have to udergo chemo or radio, before the surgery. I hope all is well with you. :) xx
    Thank you, fellow princess.:hi:

    hi paw. thanks so much for the advice. i tend to use opi i wonderd why the nails inc top coat didn't work on it that well. i hope we get a brilliant opi tsv with a top coat.
    have a lovely day
    le lover xxxxxx
    Hi LE,
    Just to let you know that Nails Inc Top Coat CAN ONLY be used with their Own Nail Polish otherwise it bubbles, found out to my cost, Dazzy told me. I only use OPI Polish and Seche Vite, but I know what you mean about it going thick.
    Have a good day.
    Love and best wishes. Patsy.xxxxxx
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