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    Tiff's face on Tarte show at 9pm

    Ali Keenan had just been waxing lyrical about Tiff's beautiful eye colour and how amazing she looks in the TSV- Then went on to say Tiff and I are not a million miles away in age.....REALLY??? Alison is 60 so Tiff is what then?? :)
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    Moda In Pelle TSV 14/08/20

    Another vulgar customer here= I really like them ;)(y)
  3. Lemonsqueezy

    Catherine Lola Rose Model..

    Just tuned in for a little watch- and Catherine's hair is absolutely huge!! Her look is so dated- and she's a lovely looking woman, but with the glittery orange tan and the ginormous hair she's like the love child of Tova and Trump! Needs a bit of a make under I feel.
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    Plummy Julia..

    Julia is presenting the Kelly Hoppen hour and seems to have gone all "Suttonesque" with her accent. Perhaps this is because the brand ambassador is a bit posh and she's upped her game, whatever it's very amusing!!
  5. Lemonsqueezy

    Blimey Dame Joan!!

    Switched on to watch this range as heard good things about it and the reviews are quite good...Well Joan's make up, that she claims to only ever do herself is a real mess especially the eyes,it looks like she's put it on in the dark with shovel. I know she's not young but blimey less is often...
  6. Lemonsqueezy

    Catherine...lola rose model.

    Lovely girl but her hair is so 80's and needs a real sort out. That quiff and side lift is very old fashioned for a young woman.
  7. Lemonsqueezy

    Sarah Jagger... lol

    Whilst extolling the virtues of Laura Geller's Bronze and Brighten she said how unnatural orange based bronzers looked and how Laura's had no orange in it at all- just beautiful shades of rust,terracotta and peach!!! Err that would be Orange then lol- made me giggle:mysmilie_17:!!
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    Ingrid, Yong Kim and those leggings!

    Watching this show reaffirmed to me that leggings should be outlawed! The skinny models' knees look awful,the plus size model looks dreadful and Ingrid omg just no no no!! I understand that they are comfy but surely they are the most unflattering item of clothing ever!!
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    Chloe's hair

    Chloe is presenting a " Meet the beauty experts" show- I do hope there are no hair experts on the show and she claims to use their products because her hair looks absolutely dreadful. It's dull, stiff, and totally lifeless, surely she should be encouraged to sort it out a bit or at least tie it...
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    Fashion by Together Jenny...

    She's a bit of an over confident little miss bossy boots type-screeching "Mr Camera man do I look sexy in this dress"?? Now we only have her say so that he agreed with her as we never heard him utter a word!! All a bit OTT for me :mysmilie_14:
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    Claire Sutton..

    Gosh- haven't seen her on air for some time, quite shocked as she seems to have aged a lot and is so heavily over made up...not a good look.
  12. Lemonsqueezy

    Another presenter thread..

    I know there has been a lot of speculation and comments about presenters recently,but after a break from watching QVC I tuned in today for the Aurora show, and I really cannot believe Claire Sutton's presenting style is how the Q would like to be represented. I honestly couldn't watch,the...
  13. Lemonsqueezy

    Blimey another one...

    Even LIz Earle's make up artist is a clone of Dame LIz...unless she's her daughter or niece, it must be obligatory to have the "look of Liz" to work for the company or to be on QVC at least!!!!
  14. Lemonsqueezy

    Pipa's hair ...gosh

    I haven't seen her for some time. What is she thinking,looks like she's had a bad perm and reminds me of Maureen Lipman in the 80's. Hopefully this is still the inbetweeny stage and she has something in mind when its grown!!
  15. Lemonsqueezy

    Liz Earle guest..

    Caroline...talks rather fast and has an Elvis Presley aaaww haaw lip that goes to the right when she speaks. It's a bit disconcerting!! :talking:

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