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    Fitness At Home with Davina TSV 29/12/20

    Hate to say it but I can't abide that woman!
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    Black Friday, what are you wanting to buy?

    Thanks for the "warnings" re Trinny, SisterBliss and MML, that's what is so good about this forum, I have used the BFF by Trinny and liked that, and have sensitive skin but will think carefully before purchasing anymore
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    Black Friday, what are you wanting to buy?

    I have bought a couple of bits from Charlotte Tilbury today, had 30% off , still expensive but I felt like a treat, fancy some Trinny London makeup too, so hoping for 10% (not great but better than nothing) off on black friday itself but I think that will be it for me,
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    In The Kitchen TSV 26/11/20

    A few of the reviews refer to them being suitable for induction hobs, but you may want to double check, must admit I do like the look of these, I wonder what the price will be
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    Jill Franks

    She looks the same to me but I am mesmerised by the trousers:p
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    Shay & Blue TSV 19/11/20

    Apologies got it wrong it now appears to be £48.96, so sorry for wrong info, strange that on S&B website it states it will be under £40 and I am sure this morning BTY beauty said the same but that has now changed on Bty beauty to the higher price
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    Shay & Blue TSV 19/11/20

    Its definitely going to be under £40, well according to back to you beauty and a Q blog it is, I can see this selling out fast
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    Bare Minerals TSV 21/11/20

    Thanks both Silver fox and SusieSue, I will hold fire and see if it comes back in stock if not I will go for the medium, that may in fact suit my colouring better 😀
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    Bare Minerals TSV 21/11/20

    I was going to get tsv in Medium beige but its already on waitlist, :( does anyone know if medium is very similar or is it a lot lighter? As I may go for that, I never thought it would go so quickly, serves me right i suppose
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    Yankee Candle TSV 10/11/20

    I am sorry you have had issues with Yankee Bundles, I have only used them twice but had no problems with them and had delivery in a few days, I haven't either bothered with using any tracking facility but just waited for them to arrive, so can't comment on their tracking system, I gave them a...
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    Elemis TSV 20/12/20

    I thought I had heard wrong but no! Even the most hardened Elemis fans will get fed up with the overkill surely
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    Bare Minerals TSV 21/11/20

    Think I will go for it too, the eye shadow shade won't suit me but the rest of it looks great , and will last me ages
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    Elemis TSV 20/12/20

    Keeley said on her Instagram video yesterday that Elemis have managed to secure another tsv in December, and that it will be three skincare items, i wonder if this will be what is scheduled to be in the February one, as that is also three items of skincare only, who knows! But they are coming...
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    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    How about YSL Paris, and Cacheral Eden, overpowering stuff, revolting stuff, sorry for any fans
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    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    Yes I just saw the same message, but seems strange that if you don't check out items they come out of your basket after 30 mins, and yet these items have miraculously appeared in stock today, after being out of stock most of yesterday, perhaps they are the studio display ones;), the neroli is...

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