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    Gatineau TSV 20/04/21

    Thank you for this bargain, I have also used the tan accelerator for years, but I was finding it difficult to get it at a decent price. My daughter has had a great tanning results using Malibu's Bronzing Butter on top of a higher factor cream.
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    Debbie Flint Instagram

    I have been a customer around 20 years, I was attracted by the range of items not available elsewhere, the good value being offered in some TSVs or OTOs, along with some beauty tips. I would often have the one of the channels on in that background when I was alone at home, but due to...
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    Hot Lips June

    Wow, I wasn't watching but did you spot the sandals!
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    90% off sale in M&S

    Thank you for posting this, there are some great bargains. My daughters and I have all placed orders!
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    L’occitane TSV 13/03/21

    I haven't been using it long as Hermes lost the first one and it had to be replaced. The cream is a lovely texture, and it leaves my face more moisturised than the rich version of Elemis PCMC, which I had previously been I had been using, without being greasy. I use it over the Korres Donkey...
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    L’occitane TSV 13/03/21

    I used the Divine Cream for years and I really liked it, I never paid full price though, and I think the RRP was less than £79 then. I seem to remember some folk didn't like the scent, but there is a new version out since I used it, it was highly rated in the Beauty Bible at that time too...
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    Health & Wellbeing TSV 18/02/21

    I don’t understand how the high salaries of TV and Radio presenters is justified, never mind the QVC band. You would like to think it is partly justifiable that a familiar or well liked or at least ‘known’ face would draw in viewers and listeners and hopefully keep them. However, as an example...
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    Orly TSV 24/2/21

    Leighton Denny's Crystal Nail File was a game changer for me.
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    Celebs selling on QVC

    I am lost for words ! I was channel hopping yesterday late evening, and saw far too many Bundleberry trunks on the Style Channel along with the strangest decanter and glasses, I can't imagine how she could have possibly sold enough to pocket a million, it proves how over priced it all is.
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    Susie Adams

    I use a le creuset butter dish stored in a cooler part of the kitchen and it is fine, they are expensive but TK Maxx often have them.
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    Susie Adams

    We stopped using Lurpak spreadable butter as it contains rapeseed oil, we are back to Lurpak block only as if we are having butter we want it to be butter !
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    Kipling on Sale at BrandAlley

    Kipling for Her Sale - Up to 60% off - BrandAlley Kipling for Him Sale - Up to 60% off - BrandAlley
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    Boots Big Pay Day Drop

    Lots of premium brands at 20% off. as well as everyday items and other offers too
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    Gatineau/The Beauty Room

    Thank you I ordered the candles and a trial set for £10 :)
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    Elemis TSV 14/2/21

    Thank you Thank you

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