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    Hermes revelations

    At this time of year the mail centres and delivery offices depend on Royal Mail managers from all parts of the business giving up 2 weeks away from their day jobs, to help with the mail. They also rely on temporary staff, I'm guessing that it's just not practical for social distancing etc as...
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    Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse!

    One of my daughters used to work in a high end store, absolutely no freebies, discount yes, but some designer brands only gave discount to their own staff, not all store employees. The discount was 'policed' and some managers and staff have been sacked for mis-use of discounts or selling on...
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    IT Cosmetics look Book & 25% offer

    Thank you, I ticked off a few Christmas gifts using this offer, very pleased. :)
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    Hermes revelations

    Our postie is also the best, and has been with us for a very long time too, he always puts items in our safe place, which keeps them dry. When he is on holiday the replacement posties are very good too. We have had random couriers who get lost and end up taking a wrong turning into our drive...
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    Hermes revelations

    I had no issues with Hermes, until the two weeks prior to Christmas last year, then it all went wrong, not just with QVC parcels, two parcels with Christmas gifts turned up mid January, repackaged by Hermes, one did not arrive at all. On separate occasions, I received emails from Hermes stating...
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    Lulu Guinness at BrandAlley

    Selling out fast !
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    Molton Brown at BrandAlley I hope this link...
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    Doll10 TSV - Beauty Day 6/12/20

    I prefer Laura Geller's blushers as they are a mix of colours and seem to last well on my skin. I got the Doll Skin Genius Cheek Color Infusion in Inspiration included in the last TSV, it was talc free with blurring properties. however, I just didn't think it applied very well or lasted.
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    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    All 3 options are back in stock at full price !!
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    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    I wonder what their Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy states about value of gifts which have to be recorded, approved or declined, after all they are getting the full TSV, not just samples to try, or goods that will be used in the demonstrations
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    L'occitane Premier Delivery

    It worked, thank you so much (y)
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    Curious, has this happened to anyone else

    My first reply! I have to agree that being congratulated for buying something just beggars belief, it's not an auction site. I have been a customer for nearly 20 years, and amongst my other bug bears is Jill Frank's stating that SHE only has x number left for sale, SHE does't not own all the...

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