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  • Do you want the fine version, or the truth!? Fine really, work just really getting me down again. Booo! Trying to not comfort shop, but the lure of new products is getting stronger.
    ha ha! You noticed. It's a straight swap, shoes for earrings. Who knows what I'll obessively buy next! Shoes are lurrvely, I wore them all afternoon! Almost went after work and bought them in red, but will put the money in my 'fun day' savings. Then I will have £72 saved. Yay!
    You still haven't used the last tube of jiffy tan! You'll love the talk to the tan though, it's a lovely colour. And you do use the gloss too. Ok, you're allowed your purchase!
    Been off holiday, or off ill?

    How wee? And what exactly?

    I bought new cheap shoes at lunchtime in new look! Cream, patent, gorgeous!
    I bought a philip kingsley hair cream, ooops. Haven't watched any shows, just a random purchase from the website. My ends are feeling kinda dry though, and I want to keep growing my hair! Have recorded Lee for viewing later on.

    Soooo, have you been good?
    Then you need posietint! Yup, still on for friday! Will be good to have a proper chat, i've almost forgotten what you look like. It's been nearly 3 weeks!
    It is a lovely sweet pink, very subtle. I don't know if it would show up on lips very well, but will be gorge on cheeks. You didn't get thrrob, did you?
    Cheaper yes, but I wouldn't get my benefit fix! Tried the posie tint too, but resisted. I think thrrob and oglow are enough for now.

    So are you going to post this time around, or just continue to lurk?
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