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    MRS JAMES and all other big boobed women, take note!!!

    Is this a joke??????
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    New QVC iPhone App

    The old App was pretty useless,but downloaded the new (FOC) one yesterday - far superior - you can search, get the last 25 on-air items, 'buy now' and there is a features section with new today, special offers and top rated beauty. :sun:
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    Liz Earle Has Baby Boy

    From Facebook:- Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare Baby news… Hi all, Liz is pleased to announce the arrival of a beautiful baby boy, both mother and baby both doing well.
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    You Just Wouldn't ...

    ... would you? yiikeyiikeyiike^145371,tpl^uk,sc^,cc^,from^,navlist^142237*145165*145353*145371*145512*146004*146009*,cm_scid^24hr
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    QVC On Facebook As Of Today!

    This could prove interesting ... muttley ps You have to be a Facebooker to view the page.
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    Rocks TV 1st Birthday Party! Anyone Going?

    Can you believe our first birthday is nearly upon us? We’ve decided to celebrate by throwing a party on Saturday 25th July and you’re all invited! There will be lots of exciting things happening between 2pm and 6pm, so we hope you can make it. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see our...
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    Lulu Guiness TSV!

    Lulu Guinness Accessories TSV on 8th April yiike
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    Log In Help Please!

    Trying to log in to check out my basket - use email address, password, coder thing - then it says I have successfully signed in, yet when I go into the auction room or click checkout, the log-in screen comes up again. Just lost something I was trying to bid for as it said I wasn't logged in, but...
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    Loopy's Small Delivery

    Got my first delivery today and I'm thrilled - got a stunning marcasite necklace and a beautiful peacock pearl necklace ... is there a way of doing links?
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    QVC Sale ... Pah!

    Jewellery all day Monday - hideous fashion all day Tuesday - mix on Wednesday with just ONE hour of beauty yiike yiike yiike

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