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    Pippa and Julian on TV in doctor's surgery

    My apologies if this has been posted already, or its available in surgeries around the country. My doctor's surgery as an infomercial channel called Life running all the time. I spotted the QVC presenters Julian Ballantyne and Pippa taking part. Pippa's contribution seemed to be on the...
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    Makers label cut out of coats in Warrington outlet store

    Have been to Warrington and noticed that there were two coats hanging up (which could have been Denis Basso) and there makers labels had been removed. I was rather surprised to see the coats put out for sale, as tears in the lining is hardly fit for resale IMHO. Presumably they were returns...
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    Basso could well be losing popularity

    I base my statement on an observation of people shopping at Birchwood, Warrington yesterday. The racks down both sides of the shop had quite a few Dennis Basso creations, the number of people I heard saying they liked one of his coats until they saw the label and stepped away from them was no...
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    Returning stuff to Warrington

    Have made a return visit to Warrington this morning, to take back two purchases I made yesterday. The shop was very crowded yesterday, if there had been room I would have checked the solar lamp out in the shop, it was only yesterday evening when we got home and had a proper look, that we saw...
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    Disgusting Returns that appear in the outlet stores

    Over the past few years I have seen pans with food not properly cleaned off, software that has been loaded onto someone's machine and sent back, bits missing from craft sets (such as scrapbooking pages with the middles cut out) and dirty Birkenstocks. What I saw yesterday really takes the...
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    Seen Thomas Kincade in the flesh

    While I was in Dublin last week I came THE Thomas Kinkade shop in the flesh so to speak. Apologies to those that are lovers of Thomas Kinkade, but having seen his canvases in the flesh IMHO our title of 'Painter of S**t" is justified, they are even worse in reality than how they appear on QVC...
  7. LorraineJ

    Possible Warrington is moving soon

    Hi Have been to Warrington this morning and did notice bigger discounts than usual on things like Art and Craft (75%), Clothing (70% though I can't remember when it wasn't 70%) and quite big discounts on other kinds of items too. My OH noticed that QVC were selling software that had obviously...
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    Warrington - Saturday afternoon bargains

    Yesterday after lunch, we were bored so decided to go to Warrington as its under cover. This was the first time we had ever been over in the afternoon and there was not that much there. One good thing, the sometimes violent old trouts were conspicious by their absence! :D Anyway, I still...

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