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  • She's called Wingy She's totally deaf Shouts loudly and is 12yrs old Her daughter Rascle a third of Wingy's size pure black and 11yrs old
    Giz is a very loving cat. In fact he and his brother Teddy (grey & white) are both very affectionate. The rest are girlies and 3 are a right set of independents articles. We have a pensioner pepsi who is 21 now, going on 22 and she is lovely.

    The 2 boys are permanently filthy, and Feather who is a long haired white and ginger girlie brings half the garden in with her when she comes in. Slugs, caterpillers, leaves, etc.

    Wouldn't want to imagine life without cats.
    Hi Lou. Sorry I don't check these messages often, so have only just noticed your message.

    He is a very large cat, called Gizmo. He is eight years old next month. Mind you at the moment, he is more of a mucky colour, with rolling about on the dry soil in the garden. We have another 5 cats.

    I see you have a little cutie called Monty. He is just gorgeous. How old is he? I just love cats.

    Jane x
    Hi Lou! Fab to hear from you. Yes, that was Casey enjoying our jungle. They weren't happy when we cut the grass, hehe! They are fab in the sun aren't they? I love watching them prowl and pounce for flies! Hope Monty and Milli are well and happy :-D Do you get a chance to put sunblock on? I used to have a battle when they were younger, now I don't bother, it does worry me though. Take care, speak soon. xx
    No problems with their skin. They are both prone to conjunctivitus as they had colds/eye infections before I had them. Also Casey has a blocked tear duct so her eye is always weeping. Casey has a sensitive stomach and is sick quite a lot, which is a pain. Other than this they are relatively healthy. Rossi cries her heart out whenever I am preparing cheese, chicken, corned beef, ham or tuna. She will scream at me until I give her some!! Casey prefers cat food. I find Rossi’s absolute addiction to cheese hilarious!! Does Monty have a favourite human food? At the mo Casey is curled up on the sofa beside me, she is like my little hot water bottle! Rossi has gone to pester her dad in the bathroom. She has a thing about swirling around his legs and rubbing herself on the bathroom mat whenever he is on the toilet - it drives him mad, but I find it so funny!!
    Just read that webpage - I think that may indeed be it! I always thought there was 'a bit of something' in them. They've definitely got different fur to most cats I have seen. Rossi is silky smooth but Casey is a bit coarser. But I think Rossi is the better groomer, so it may be down to this. Yes, it's fab having the two of them. They are amazing company for each other. Even now, almost 3 years on, I hate leaving them in the morning. But if I pop home during the day, or come home with some work, they are not happy that I have disturbed their routine! They are always fighting, they have a love-hate relationship. It’s so funny that they can be going at each other hammer and tongs one minute, then the next they are in full grooming each other mode! If one dares to go wandering over the fence though, the other will be on edge and be chattering away to me until they return - aren’t they such funny creatures?!!
    Hi Lou. Thanks for your message. I have just been checking Monty out - how gorgeous is he?!! Milli looks fab too, you have two gorgeous pusses! But you're right, Monty looks very much like my two. He looks like a cross between them both, but he definitely looks like a boy. He could easily be their brother - he isn't Welsh is he?!! Beautiful cat, I love him!
    Ta spindthrift :) have 3 kids, 13, 11 girls and a 9 year old boy, they all LOVE Ghibli films and totoro if our fave, we watch them un dubbed with english subs, amazing that we do. My kids were wondering if anyone on shoppingtelly had noticed it and your the first :). I call my cats totoro's sometimes, it must be a cat fanciers thing.
    Just popping by to say I love your Totoro avatar, my desktop wallpaper is one with the three of them on.
    Hi Lou! Don't know if you remember me from Shopping Telly past but I've just returned to the fold after a long absence! How are you keeping???
    Best wishes,
    Karen x
    Hi lou Hope that you had a great holiday, i have missed you,.saw alan the other day he came to see..I have got to go to work now so hopefully will speak to you tommorow.xxx
    Hi snoops, glad to be back tho I was a might surprised as I have been on my hols for a week so knew nothing had happened.
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