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    Julia looking for the small

    She looks huge in this.
  2. loveheart

    Do you enjoy theme days

    I find them tedious. I can't imagine many men would be finding jewellery day interesting nor fashion or beauty days. Not sure if QVC do craft days any more but there would be limited interest in that too although I know there are a lot of crafters who watch. I think QVC need to rethink these...
  3. loveheart

    Butler and wilson tsv?????????????

    Is the B&W so boring that no one has mentioned it or gone for it. I am very disappointed. (with the actual TSV not the fact that no one has mentioned it or gone for it)
  4. loveheart

    What have you bought with your easy pay code?

    I have bought some silver earings in the clearance section for £20.00. I decided not to buy any beauty products as I am trying to use up my stash.
  5. loveheart

    Has anyone tried Perricone products

    I am wavering on the perricone try me and want to use my eazy pays. Has anyone had good results from this range? I am a sucker for new products and would like to give this a go.
  6. loveheart

    Help! I'm tempted to buy something.

    I am feeling bored, fed up, miserable, cold, worried, lots of reasons why I have been thinking about buying the Smashbox 5 piece allstars collection. It's £19.00 plus p&p of £3.45. I need mascara but I don't need the other bits in the kit but I just like the look of it. I can't really...
  7. loveheart

    Who's bought what so far in 2010.

    Ok then, time to 'fess up. Who has bought the most this year? My first thought is Jabba, followed by Watersiren and LE Lover. I have bought absolutely nothing as I sit here polishing my halo. Who else has been good?
  8. loveheart

    New Philosophy items sold out

    I am amazed that the few new items that philosophy bought for Christmas have all but sold out. The anniversary prices from yesterday have gone back to the QVC price and although some are on waitlist it makes me wonder how many they started with. We waited long enough for some new items but it...
  9. loveheart

    Today's TSV yawn. 17.12.2009.

    Is the TSV soooo boring that no one is going to mention it? I thought it would be something that you could buy someone for a christmas pressie at least. I think QVC are running out of ideas. :mysmilie_73:
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    Julia's teeth

    Just an observation before I go to bed, I'm sure Julia has done something with her teeth. I work in a dentist's so I always look at peoples teeth and until recently Julia had slightly wonkey gappy top teeth but today they look almost perfect. Thats all i wanted to say. Night night.
  11. loveheart

    Kipling. Did I hear right.

    Just watching the Kipling hour and a T caller has just said that she owns 1,044 kipling bags. One thousand and fortybl**dy four. Don't get me wrong, I like my kiplings, and I have a dozen or so of them but come on how on earth can any one have over 1,000. Wow. That is beyond belief.:eek:
  12. loveheart

    Northern Nights ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    I can't believe we have gone a whole day without anyone mentioning the NN TSV. I haven't been watching QVC today can anyone tell me what it is/was and why has no one commented on it? Was it so boring that no one could be bothered.
  13. loveheart

    Butler and Wilson and Leopards.

    Could someone please explain the reason why there are so many leopard things in this hour. I have been watching this morning and every other item seems to be a blooming leopardy thing. The necklace was particularly strange for want of a better word. If you like leopards I apologise but I...
  14. loveheart

    OTO 3.00pm Beauty show.

    Shizen All Over Balm. QVC price £21.25 OTO price £19.25. Not exactly giving much away are they?:sad:
  15. loveheart

    Mally 22.10.09

    I was just wondering if any one had anything to confess. The only thing I can confess to is switching off as I couldn't stand listening to Ali and the guest presenter. One of them is bad enough but the two of them together was more than could take.:sad:

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