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  • Thanks for the info on Ronan. Shame they missed out on the wedding, we could have taken their place couldn't we?

    All the best, Anne xx
    Just wondering if you knew whether Ronan's wife had had her baby yet?

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xxx
    Thanks for posting the pictures of Amy. She looks a lovely girl, I hope she and Brian will be very happy together. I bet Kathy could scratch her eyes out LOL.

    Thanks for the lovely pictures, she is beautiful and a very lucky lady. (dont you just hate her) LOL Thanks again Marzy XXX

    Just wondered if you'd got your outfit sorted out for the forthcoming event of the year?

    Fingers crossed all goes well for the couple.

    Howya, Just noticed Mitzi's message, she's not going to see BOD in France! Not great matches at weekend! Hope you and yours are doing well! Quick favour, I know you gave me the QVC Irish number before but all those messages went POOF!!! So I was wondering if you could send it to me again, please, pretty please! Oh yeah, just to say, am working 3-4 days a week at the moment, no contract or anything, but fingers crossed it will continue and then as things improve maybe I will get a contract!!! Then if I can get some money together, we must meet up for a cwafee sometime!!! Simone!
    Thanks for posting the picture of BOD on Mum's birthday thread. You can never get enough of a good thing.

    My family and I have tickets to the Heineken Cup Final next month in France and there's a chance I may get to see BOD in the flesh on the pitch there.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Not working at the moment, my job was made redundant last September. It was all done in a very nasty way but all I can do is try and think positive!! Amazing thing, though, when you apply for a job, the company won't come back to you...rude or what??
    Congratulations! Only saw this news by dropping into your page!!! Lucas is such a lovely name! Hope all of yours are keeping well!!!
    You are more than welcome,and I love the name,so masculine.
    I've been acting manager at work while the manager has been on long term sick leave for 6 months,and it's been so stressful not to mention tiring.So I have come to a big decision over the past week.I am going to retire in November as I cannot face another Christmas having to work for some part of it.My husband is retired,so why not me ha ha.
    My son's friend brought his 3 week old baby to see us yesterday so I had a long cuddle which was lovely.
    I'm a member of the Woman & Home forum now,and they have supper and walking clubs which means we get to meet each other.Next week I am meeting 3 ladies in Leeds,so looking forward to that.Hope that you are well,love from Marlene xx
    Many,many congratulations on your new arrival,he's a little cutie.You lucky grandma you.Love from Marlene xx
    So happy for you Marzy, Lucas is lucky to have such a nice Grandma xxxx
    Many thanks for your birthday wishes.

    Hope you have a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year

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