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    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    Yes I noticed that Dame. I thought it was very poor form not to mention the exact situation regarding the passports. Badly done, Andrew!
  2. Mazza


    I saw a BBC4 doc on this and they said patient zero came from Kansas. He came over to Europe to fight in the First World War on a troop ship thus infecting his fellow passengers and it spread from there.
  3. Mazza

    Where are the inventing geniuses ???

    I actually feel quite sick now after seeing that advert. 🤮
  4. Mazza


    I remember having the smallpox vaccination too. My mum took me to the surgery as there was a scare about it at the time. Our two doctors here weren’t very keen on having the covid jab, in fact I think lots of medics feel the same. But I think I shall go when I get the call.
  5. Mazza


    I shall have it too. I don’t remember anyone having a choice about the polio and diphtheria jabs we got in my childhood. We were just lined up and filed in... I don’t even know if parents were told it was happening. You just knew that your children had these jabs at various ages. And wasn’t it...
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    Christmas Gift Ideas TSV 24/11/20

    Nothing like nabbing a successful bargain 😄. They must have seen the error of their ways and upped their game. I’m pleased you like them.
  7. Mazza

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    Rats. I have one with 4 tokens and so only get up to 10. I thought/hoped they were accepting partials if you had enough points for at least one product. Oh well, never mind! Thanks for the info. Oh while I took in a delivery I see illoyd has posted on the same issue. Well if anyone sees...
  8. Mazza

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    I see they have followed the Elemis example and put the face creams down to 30ml. But there are two, both of which I like. I’m using my last Age Benefit (old packaging 50ml) at the moment. I wasn’t very keen on it before but am quite liking it now! Older skin, that’s why!😄 Also I think I used it...
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    Lulu's Time Bomb TSV 22/12/20

    What ticks me off is that she apparently has nothing to do with the brand other than to have been married to the founder! I mean they dont call it Lulu’s Color Wow do they? I don’t understand this branding at all. And whenever she bellows out that bloody Shout chord it sets my teeth on edge! 😡
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    Christmas Gift Ideas TSV 24/11/20

    I bought that TSV years ago with the snuffers, in fact I really bought it for them! That was a good one, and before they lost their smell.
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    Black Friday, what are you wanting to buy?

    I just got an email from Loccy with 20% off if you input GIVE20. So I did! I would normally buy from our local shop as I worry it will close but of course they are all shut at the moment (non-essential, I don’t think so! 😆). Topped up on the hand creams anyway, and an ultra rich body lotion as I...
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    Christmas Gift Ideas TSV 24/11/20

    I totally agree. I used to get this but wouldn’t touch it now.
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    Molton Brown TSV 11/12/20

    When I put mine away in the stash, I was pleased to see that next up to use is the previous version of this which was a trio and didn’t have the lily of the valley, and I agree that is lovely. I have started to put two out together so I don’t get bored and next will be the coco & sandalwood and...
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    Yankee Candle deals at Yankee Bundles

    They have obviously got a huge stock of All Is Bright! I got it, there are two in the quad up thread and now this lot. This is the same as my set except I got Warm and Cosy instead of Sparkling Cinnamon. And I think it is gorgeous, one of their more cologne style fragrances.
  15. Mazza

    Molton Brown TSV 11/12/20

    Yes. I had a quick spritz when I got one the other week from MB. I am no good at describing notes etc but I found it quite a warm fragrance and it lasted a long time on my skin. I really liked it. My woody and citrus quad was ordered on the 18th and is apparently with my courier for delivery...

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