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  • Hi Meesh
    Just to let you know I did do another update on Morgan @ 14 weeks as I know you will want to see him.
    I did also reply to your funny post on his 10 week update.
    So how was Turkey? Does your Daughter enjoy it? how old was she when you first took her?
    Hope you and family are well Dawn xxx
    Hi Meesh, was just wondering if you are back home now? I did have to return the Lehrer Swirl ring mentioned in the pm, it was a bit of a disappointment unfortunately. Ne'er mind.
    Pamela xx
    Thanks for the lovely message in the drop. I have put the photos in the "about us" thread in case people don't re-visit the original thread.
    Speak soon x
    Hi Meesho thank you for your lovely message x
    Yes I would be delighted if you popped my news on the forum I want the world to know I am the happiest and luckiest mommy in the world, then I can pop some photos on there for all to see.
    Hope your well Dawn & Morgan (I just love saying/writing that :)
    Hi Meeshoo
    Baby Morgan Joseph Roddy was born 13.07pm 19th April 6lbs 15oz. He is the most precious and beautiful little boy. All went well stayed in 4 nights (due to section) and we came home last night. I will have to up load somne pics (at some point lol) x
    A very happy and very blessed mommy Dawn x
    Hi I'm trying to stay calm by having a look around the web and caught your lovely message.
    I will be in touch soon I'm sooooooooo excited.
    Dawn x
    Hi Meeshoo
    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday for tomorrow. I have to be at the hospital at 7 am to meet my bundle of joy.
    Speak soon Dawn x
    You don't sound blown away so I would return it and buy something else.
    I still haven't found my special piece the black opal didn't work out, then the Glenn Lehrer was chipped :( the search continues!
    I think more or less that same as you (funny that lol) Its lovely and does suit you but I found it to be to high for me personally but at least you didn't get free chips!
    At the end of the day will you wear it? will you just forget about it if you return it? would you be happier to hold out until end may to get either a rhodolite garnet, aquamarine or peridot in a lower setting?
    Also if the cut is off I think you won't be able to put that out of your mind.
    How strange you have the same birthday as my dad and now my baby and we both got married on 14th Feb.
    And lets not even go into our love for bling :)
    Hi Meesh just wondering what your Glen Lehrer pieces were like? I got my date for my C Section today 19th April my dads birthday x
    Thanks for all the great tips and advice, best to be prepared lol
    Just looking at my silver cross travel system puzzles me, can't wait to have to deal with that :)
    Also I wouldn't mind my body back lol not that I think I will ever see 7 stone again!
    What a beautiful name your daughter has x
    Hi Meesh
    I emailed and asked if there was any white gold and Aaron sent me those details.
    I have stuck with the one from last night as topaz isn't my thing (saying that neither is Amethyst) but the Amethyst looked amazing, we will see.
    I haven't met with my consultant yet that is in 2 weeks but I am hoping I will just have the epidural.
    People say Si and I look very young as well people think we are mid 20s lol
    I'm so excited but nervous as well.
    Dawn x
    Hi Meesh
    Just come to post you a message and seen you have posted me a message here on YOUR visitors page instead of my visitors page so I never got it lol
    Its such a long story in short I have tocophobia (fear of childbirth) and its as bad as it can be. Si and I have been together 18 years and he new he would never be a farther, then on holiday last July I decided I wanted a baby so now at 35 and 37 years old we are now expecting lol I am having a C section because of my totcophobia. But it has been hard going and if I am honest as blessed as I feel and as wonderful as having a baby is I don't feel great and wouldn't do it again lol
    Anyway I came to tell you there are 4 white gold rings in tonights show (not sure if it was white gold you were after)

    Lemon Citrine & Diamond 9K White Gold Ring
    Amethyst & Diamond 9K White Gold Ring
    Blue Topaz & Diamond 9K White Gold Gents Ring
    Swiss Blue Topaz & Diamond 9K White Gold Ring
    Dawn x
    So excited for you - being a Mum whilst being the most stressful thing in the world, is also the most rewarding. Why is this going to be your last? Are you not enjoying being pregnant?

    Hope your GL ring is gorgeous! Speak later. M x
    LOL walking cash machine! That really tickled me.
    No we don't know what we are having, a gymnast or footballer :) thanks for the congrats.
    I will Pm you in the week x
    I heard Steve say it was his best amethyst he had in the vault. To be honest I am just fascinated by the cut I am already thinking £349 for Amethyst in 9k gold lol
    No I haven't got an opal moved onto this now as my hubby gave me £300 for our anniversary so I'm trying to find something special as it will be my last purchase for a while as we are having our first (and last) baby in 6 weeks :).
    I did buy a natural pink topaz but that went straight back as it was a trilogy the center stone was nice but the 2 outer looked clear to me and the ring was like a bit of wire lol
    Dawn x
    Hi Meesh
    Yes it was £349, no I have never seen one in the flesh before so I'm not sure I'll either love it or send it straight back.
    I was also hoping for more gemstones, maybe on Sundays show.
    I will Pm you mid week when I receive it.
    Dawn x
    Hi Meesh I bought the very same ring in a size 5 and I have just seen there is a size 5 available on the web.
    Dawn x
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