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  • Hi Michele, just to let you know there's a Glenn Lehrer hour on Gems xtra at 5pm. The gent himself won't be there, it will be presented by Ruth. No idea what they will be offering as there don't seem to be any Lehrer items on the there used to be. I recalled you enquiring about a blue topaz pendant, so just a heads-up in case some are on show.

    Best wishes
    Pamela xxx
    It was mine as well and i remember you saying we got married on the same day, i would never have remembered otherwise lol

    Hi Meesh
    Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. May 2011 bring you good health, wealth, happiness and lots of sparklies!
    M xx
    Hi Michele,
    Thanks very much for the Christmas greetings and the friend request, very happy to accept, though I thought we were already on each other's lists, as it were, dingbat that I am!
    Wishing you and your family all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Michele

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas
    Pamela xxxxx
    Hi Meesh, just seen your Cognac gold pendant DDKS60 sold on GemsTV for £239. Should this be more than you paid, you could ask CS for a price pledge refund. I usually do it by email, but has to be done within the next hour!! 13.47 current time.

    Best wishes
    Pamela xx
    Hi Meesh,
    not seen you around for a while, i hope your on a nice beach or relaxing around the pool.
    Dawn x
    Hi Meesh, many thanks for your last message and also for the link. Some lovely blue tourmalines on there. I've just received a green tourmaline ring from GTV their clearance first in this particular colour and am very pleased with it, very sparkly and a dainty setting. Also popped an Akoya Pearl ring in to the order, again dainty but rather nice set in YG. But don't tell our Fluff...she thinks I'm still on the wagon! :wink:

    Interesting news about GTV on the forum....I hope it can be saved.

    Take care and thanks again
    Pammy xxx
    Hi again Meesh. Just to say many thanks for your reply and your advice. I too preferred the second pair, but was wondering how true the colours would actually be. I had the same thought that these would be pretty small earrings and so perhaps not showing this stone at its best. So with that in mind I decided to show a bit of restraint (unusual for me :giggle:) and not complete the order......t'was touch and go though!!

    Would love to hear about any projects you may have on the go ...if you'd be happy to share them with us in the Bling section in the Drop?

    Thanks again for your help, much appreciated as ever. Take care...

    Pamela xxx
    Hi Meesh, just wanted to say an extra thanks for your opinion/advice on Indicolite. Currently I have two pairs of earrings in my basket, which will need checking out tonight to get the benefit of the 20% discount.

    The second pair are dearer at £87 but are virtually the same size stones, less gold but better diamonds! Goodness I'm hopeless at making decisions! The colour seems a bit bluer, but that could be down to the photography...or lack of! But a bit pricey don't you think and probably rather small irl?

    Hope you are all well and again thanks - I do appreciate your opinion.

    Pamela xx
    .... you made my day!

    Hope you're getting plenty of R and R. [IMG]

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