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    Visit to a Mine!

    As promised in the Csarite thread, I said I would do a write up after my visit to the mine in Turkey ……. So here it is! First of all, I have to say a HUGE thank you to Steve Bennett for making the arrangements. The day at the mine was one I will never forget. It was a superb experience not...
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    I am totally into Jewellery Maker at the moment - new addiction! I never liked Lucy on the Gems channels but OMG she is superb on JM. Really really lovely. To me, she's like the Angeline equivalent on Gems ie she can sell me anything! Consequently, I'm now surrounded by beads, thread, wire...
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    Two new purchases!

    Angeline has a lot to answer for because I always buy when she's on! She saved me a fortune when she went on maternity leave! Let's hope she gets preggers again soon :clapping: Okay, first one ............. I don't know why but I have a "thing" about flower designs. I also like brown...
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    Who is Abby Sturgeon now on Extra?

    I know her name? Who is she? Was she with GemsTV before? Anyway, I don't really care but PLEASE WILL SHE NOT SHOUT and spout rubbish about "speaking to the producer to see what she can do for us!" Ugh, please! I've turned over because her internal volume control is clearly not working...
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    I'm really struggling when watching GemsTV at the moment because of the lighting. Has anybody else noticed how everything (and I don't mean the graphics) look overly pink and awash with bright colours - and when you see the presenter from afar, the bright white light shining on their hand is...
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    How do I make this?

    Ok - never one to shy away from a challenge, I've decided to have a go at making a necklace! I recently broke my favourite haematite necklace so need something black. Have decided that I'll use either Obsidian or Haematite and mix with silver (pearls or something) and want to make the twisty...
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    What do I need?

    Lovely jewellery makers - please can you help? For Mother's Day, my 8 year old daughter made me the most beautiful wooden beaded necklace that will look wonderful in summer. However, she's threaded it on some purple stretchy thin nylon thread of some kind (the sort that you get in cheaper...
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    Problems logging in to the website?

    Anybody else experiencing this? Last night I tried to bid on something but it said I had to log in. I logged in and went back to the auctions to see "please log in to bid" and basically I kept going round and round in a loop! I gave up and switched off thinking that today it would be ok...
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    Glenn Lehrer Ring with Photos

    These ones are taken outside in natural daylight. Ignore the fact that the diamond looks off centre in the first photo, it's just the angle of the photo.
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    Glenn Lehrer Ring with Photos

    I promised to post photos and a review of my ring when it arrived so here goes! Review:- Pros: 1. The cutting is really gorgeous and the topaz performs well in all lighting conditions (inside with lights and outside in daylight) 2. The colour of the blue topaz is very very very lovely 3...
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    Furious, angry and spitting blood.

    So for the first time I manage to see a Glenn Lehrer show. I fall in love with the amethyst gents ring and as it can be sized down I decided to get it for myself. I put it in my basket, IMMEDIATELY the auction has finished, I go in to check out my basket and it's not in there (despite having...
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    How are they still in business?

    I've just been watching for an hour - bored on a Sunday, you know how it is! - and I am literally floored by the prices! I know gold prices have soared but seriously every single one of the pieces has been incredibly over-priced. "Prinneu Tourmaline" which is no nicer than normal green...
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    So refreshing!

    After my rant the other day about presenters just saying "wow" and spouting inane rubbish, I've been watching Steve Bennett present and OMG what a difference. He's been really informative and it's been an absolute pleasure to watch. Thank you Steve!
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    Who is this woman insulting my intelligence?

    What a dreadful presenter. Apparently a green tourmaline ring being sold for £129 has the finest tourmaline money can buy! GIVE ME A BREAK. I hate, with a passion, over-stated over-hyped inaccurate rubbish. While I'm having a moan, I have to say that I have recently returned to watching...
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    Glenn Lehrer?

    I haven't seen this "live" and was wondering if anybody had any photos/thoughts to share? The only ones left on the website appear to be citrine and topaz - were there other gemstones in the collection?

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