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    over 80% off Clearence on QVC

    There's a £95 dress down to £14, and it's my size - Shame it's revolting!
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    Pratical Presents TSV 02/12/20

    I'll be interested to see how they'll try and convince us that we need one of these (or two). I reckon there'll be a smattering of scaremongering!
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    Where are the inventing geniuses ???

    And cost more than a house in London!
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    Today I bought....

    Like I said, they’ll just about do. I’ll probably end up using a lot more of the bags than I envisaged and using ones that are too big just to fit stuff in. I shouldn’t need to resort to the old way.. but might use some of the conventional gift bags I’ve already got. Tried them, not impressed so...
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    Today I bought....

    Disappointing unfortunately...The jumbo bags of which there's two just about covers the big present I wanted to wrap, but you can't tie it and you can see the top of the box...because the box is plain's not so bad as you can't see what it is, but might just slip the other bag over it...
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    QVC Model Sharon Fifer

    That's right...a friend of mine is going through something like this at work. She's working from home and her work laptop broke so she had to wait for a replacement, so she had a few days off and was told she didn't have to take them as leave as it wasn't her fault. New one arrived and that...
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    How Many Upgrades....

    It would need to be upgraded to make the tea, dry my hair and clean the floor before I even considered spending half of the silly money they want for it -same with any of Dyson's products really!
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    Today I bought....

    No, but I was tempted, despite having a pretty decent cordless vac. It's the one with bags isn't it. I thought it would be good for my stair carpet, as I find it pretty awkward to do with a regular sized handheld. Even though my vac converts into a handheld, I don't find it that great on the...
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    Todays Top Tech TSV 22/11/20

    I must admit back in the day I totally enjoyed playing the likes of pacman and space invaders and my gaming hasn't progressed very much since. I play a wood block game on my phone, played Candy Crush for a while until I got sick of it and that's about it. I can see the point of playing a retro...
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    Kitchen Gifts with Ninja TSV 23/11/20

    In the words of Alison Young...I'm wearing this moisturiser for you. She keeps saying "for you" during her presentations and on many occassions it makes absolutely no sense what so ever 'cause it's completely out of context!
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    Kitchen Gifts with Ninja TSV 23/11/20

    Me too...I'm totally done with all these gadgets. I managed to clear my workspaces to an acceptable level and I don't want to go backwards. We've got a small deep fat fryer which lives in the cupboard when not in use, a slow cooker, the same, a food processor , magic bullet, a hand mixer and the...
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    Christmas Gift Ideas TSV 24/11/20

    That seems like a pretty good deal, but if as some of you are saying that there's little or no fragrance to them it would be a waste of time, as return postage would be far too high. Other than that I think I'd rather have a few more candles and far less of the tealights, as I don't have any tea...
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    Frank Usher TSV 18/12/20

    You've just gotta love June! I've got a couple of Frank Usher things....a black wrap which I love,and the famous bag..which has turned out to be a jolly good buy. Clothing wise...I think it's over embellished. You see those tops with a sparkly rose on the front, not really my cup of tea but in...
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    Kelly Hoppen TSV 30/11/20

    Can't stand the woman, and totally wouldn't want to help line her pockets. I'm sure I've got a few things in my home that have been made by bitches...but ignorance is bliss!
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    Todays Top Tech TSV 22/11/20

    I would also ask if people would be buying this because they genuinely want to play the games again or because it's a funky looking hipster gadget? Even if it's a combination of both, you'd need enough space and the right setting in which to display it. It's not the sort of thing you'd be able...

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