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    sky sports 1 & 2 to leave BTvision freeview/Topuptv @ the end of june 2013

    so if you get these channels via one of theses plattform you won't do soon BT sports 1 & 2 will take over LCN 41 & 42 no deal has been done between Topuptv and BT sports
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    So when is Argos TV closing?

    Any one now when the closing date is for this channel?
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    'Gems TV Extra' on 656 has now been relabelled as 'TGGC Outlet

    'Gems TV Extra' on 656 has now been relabelled as 'TGGC Outlet
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    The Jewellery Channel 2 coming soon to freeview

    here is its ofcom License which it got yesterday should be on th freeview EPG in the next 3 weeks
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    Argos TV coming to freeview from 19/9/12

    Argos TV will be on LCN55 information from the DMOL website Hope this is useful news to this website
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    The Jewellery Channel now 24/7 on freeview

    The Jewellery Channel Is now on freeview 24/7 on LCN60
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    Create & Craft extends freeview hours 19/7/12

    Create & Craft now have new hours on LCN36 old hours 0600-1800 new hours 0600-2200 rescan to get these changes now
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    price-drop get more freeview hours

    As of last night price-drop is now on freeview channel 37 8am-0200am
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    bid shopping re-launches price drop tv on Friday 30th March 2012 6pm This should be good :grin:
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    New freeview LCN (35) for QVC Beauty

    rescan now QVC Beauty move from ch48 up to ch35 they have done well there
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    The Jewellery Channel new to freeview channel 60

    The Jewellery Channel will launch today on freeview channel 60 its not on the EPG yet i post more information when i get it it might be taking the spaces that challenge vacated when they move to Mux C yesterday :muscle:
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    challenge get new Day and Time for TNA impact wrestling.
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    The Freeview Changelog

    Challenge to go 24hours in Wales on freeview on September 15th :emo:
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    Bid Media puts new Freeview slot up for sale This is good news :cool:

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