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  • Hi Mira
    Nice to see you posting. Hope you and your family had a good Christmas and have a great New Year. I miss the Rocks chat and the fun we had posting on there in the early days of Rocks, don't you? All the best Pam xx
    Hi Mira
    I have missed you on rocks chat just wondered if your ok I know you where having a tough time in your private life and i hope everything is sorted for you and hubby now
    Just wanted to send you my love milly
    Hi Mira,

    Just noticed that you're not on FB anymore, so thought I would contact you through ST. I wanted to say that I hope you're alright, try to stay strong with your head held high and don't let the b*stards get you down. If you withdraw completely, not only have the buggers won but you've made many friends who will miss you.

    Take care,
    With love,
    Eunice xxx
    Hi Mirabelle, many thanks for your birthday message, I think I saw that it was yours recently too, hope you had a lovely day at your party last week, love Pam xx
    Hi Mira, im just having a look at this site not sure what im doing. Luv the chat on Rocks
    thanks for making me feel welcome.

    Bye for now
    Hi Di its great to see you too, yes its great being able to chat here and at rocks isnt it..
    See you over there.

    Mirabelle xx
    Thanks mirabelle, nice to make new friends, they always say make a friend today be a happy person, so we cane all be happy. see you on rocks as well as here, i like this you can wirte more hehe see ya <3xx
    Hi again Mira - looks like you my last post didn't come through to you directly. Please look via your profile page to saave me doin it again. Ta.
    Hiya Mira,

    Here's the list as promised, Sam savaged them a little I'm afraid as she didn't know some might be spoken for already. They are nearly all tiny, but very sweet and they're all pendants (these were reasons I knew they were gonna go).

    9k rose/petalite and diamond at 3.62 carats this is the only good size oval
    9k yellow/3 small square mozambique garnets in an ingot style/traffic lights arrangement
    9k rose/very simple round orange moonstone - nice depth
    9k yellow/small trilliant Idocrase (pale soft greeny colour) shaped like inverted comma
    9k white/3 small round green sapphire and diamond set club style - tiny but very pretty
    9k white/1 miniscule oval sunset sapphire and diamond - no comment

    As you know, they took back all the good stuff but I thought at least I had bagged a sunset sapphire - I'll throw this one in to your package for a larf, dont mistake it for a fleck of dust though.

    Please choose a couple, send me your address at [email protected], and I'll send 'em off. Please forgive me if I don't send boxes, but a jiffy or bubble wrap will fit in a letterbox.

    Hi Mirabelle! Yes i love Rocks.tv too!, perhaps too much lol. Hope your enjoying your goodies.
    L x
    Thanks for the warm welcome Perdita (Moops) i'm sure I am going to have a hoot on here!!!
    see you later over there ha!! ha!! you know what I mean.
    Hiya Mirabelle...lovely to see you over here. I popped in here yesterday, but I think your details were still being set up! Hope you enjoy the forum!

    Perdita here/moops on Rocks! x
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