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    Hi Julie,

    How lovely to hear from you. I often think about you and wonder how you are doing. I am so very sorry your poor father has been ill for the last few months, it must have been a big worry on your mind, and I feel for you. However I am so very pleased to hear that the big op on the 19th has proved to be a big success and that his life is now getting back to normal.

    Dont worry about posting your father is priority.

    We are both fine thank you Julie. You take care now and feel free to pm me or message me anytime you like

    Love and hugs as always Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Happy Birthday Julie. Hope you have a lovely Birthday

    Hope all is okay with you not seen you on the forum for a while. sending you love and hugs on your special day

    Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Julie,

    Im so so Sorry to hear about your lovely dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am pleased to hear that he is getting better bless him. Please send him lots of hugs and love from me and you take care of yourself. Feel free to pm me anytime.

    Lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Julie,

    Well you should not have been nervous about putting your piccie up as you look lovely Darlene is right in commenting on it its fab!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put mine up as a avatar on the lets see you thread but I have taken it off now, mine was a drawing taken on my holiday but hubby said it was the spitting image of me and I have not changed. You look very glam in your piccie, it was nice to see how you look, now I know who I am chatting too!

    Take Care
    Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Miss QVC,

    I just spotted you avatar piccie. You look lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love Dazzler!
    Hi Miss QVC

    So sorry to hear you had such a dreadful migraine, how unpleasent. I get them at TTOTM, I know what you mean looking at a computer screen or bright lights makes it worse! Glad it has now gone!

    Its actually Hubby's Birthday Easter weekend well on the Bank Holiday Monday, so we are going to spend Sunday evening and Monday evening together. Hope you have a nice time in your caravan and the weather stays nice too. The Decleor Facial sounds fab! Hope you enjoy your break. Take care and have fun. Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    wow that sounds a wonderful class size !!! I'm sure it's a culture shock after your last place :) I hope you'll settle in well and enjoy for a long time to come. x
    hopefully you'll be better soon and ready for your new challenge.....and remember; if you need stylish new togs for work....i'm your woman ;)
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