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  • Hi Anne

    Just spotted you logged on - hope you've had a wonderful few days away along with some good weather. Feeling suitably refreshed and relaxed?

    Chris xxxx
    Hi Anne

    Sorry, meant to get back to you yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your dish, something I haven't done for a while so I bought some pork today - thanks for reminding me of it!

    Hope things are improving for you.

    Chris xxxx
    Anne, thank you so much for your post on our Anniversary thread and picture to my page. It was fairly low key really but then I suppose we've had many years to celebrate now!

    Hope all is well with you and yours. xxxxxxx
    Thanks for the piccie hun.
    The doc is sending me for an Ultrasound and has given me some painkillers.
    oh no an injured rugby player..................was it a groin injury? Are you tending to him?
    Oh have I gotten you all excited lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    better then I have all week. Its been 7 days now and today is the first day the aches have gone. Still coughing alot though and throat still sore but I slept better last night.

    thanks Mitzi you are such a sweetie! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thank you Mitzi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Trust you eyeing up hunks lol lol Bet you are sooooooooo excited!

    Hope you enjoy yourself xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    You may be there already Mitzi so if you are hope you are having a fab time at game. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks Mitzi, for the message.
    I didn't eat any strawberries, to busy eating the ice-cream it was sooooooooooooo hot.
    Have you had a nice weekend.
    Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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