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    Fitness with Davina TSV 16/06/21

    Agreed.. and she's now on this morning spouting her 'expertise' on all things so called healthy... oh and don't forget their books... otherwise we won't know anything!
  2. mollymoo

    Ruth Langsford TSV 05/06/21

    Best and comfiest trainers are Fitflop Rally... they're about £80 ish full price but are often in sale or money off... I have big dodgy feet and have tried many!! Those RL ones are bog standard and a ridiculous price. She gets on my wick talking as if she's a fully fledged fashion designer...!
  3. mollymoo

    Carole Hochman sizing?

    Thank you.. I'll go for L .. think it'll be ok thanks again :)
  4. mollymoo

    Carole Hochman sizing?

    Hi folks, thinking of ordering the black Friday deal for the dressing gown. Never ordered that range before.. I'm a 16/18... and advice on whether need l or xl .. in moving soon and can't be bothered with faffing returns etc. Thanks
  5. mollymoo

    Lost return - crazy reply?

    I returned a broken Airwrap (lasted all of 10 minutes!) anyway it was collected by Hermes and now not arrived QVC. Rung yesterday and they said they'd send a form out to claim refund - I asked if they could just email it - no was the reply as this time year too busy for emails (???) so has to...
  6. mollymoo

    Time to get refund

    Hermes collected an item from me nearly 3 weeks ago. The item was faulty and QVC arranged for them to collect. In fact it was a replacement item which developed same fault. So far I haven't had a refund, is this common to wait so long now...I have sent the odd thing back by post and seemed...
  7. mollymoo

    Liz Earle @ Boots

    Route Radiance set for £30 at Boots
  8. mollymoo

    KitchenAid due?

    Hi - does anyone know if there's a TSV or something on KitchenAids. I've just taken early retirement and have decided to treat myself to one!! I know they have a new one out now hopefully a TSV may be looming, can only hope!! thanks
  9. mollymoo

    Revitalash. ..TSV?

    Does anyone know if it due to be tsv soon please. ..daughter wants one. ..thanks before she steals mine! !!
  10. mollymoo

    Kipling question for hand luggage

    I've got my eye on the July bag or the Art M to replace my old faithful bag :( Has anyone got either of them ...finding so many different measurements online for them - last thing I want to do is spend £70-100 on one too big and have to send back. thanks ladies
  11. mollymoo

    Gatineau tan accelerator..price!

    I love this tan accelerator and for me works very well. So with summer looming thought I'd look at the show this afternoon. The price of q's was about £47 with postage (ouch) .... so looked one for £31 free p n p from look fantastic - they have 10% off at the minute, but before...
  12. mollymoo

    Mally bulletproof ...very good, amazingly

    I bought the set on the other day of 5 eye shadow sticks - not my first Mally items, the first set of eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss wasn't brilliant. But I'm at that age when eye shadow isn't my best friend but I like wearing it, so thought oh well they can go back. But I'm actually liking...
  13. mollymoo

    ten pound postage for a pair of shoes! !

    I'm sorry but I think qvc are really taking the micky now with postage. How on earth can they justify that? More and more I won't buy due to the charges. ..just robbery! Rant over! Mollymoo 😈
  14. mollymoo

    The price of join clothing! !

    hubby gone to wash up..bless! watching join clothes. ..omg how expensive. .It's jersey, will be bobbly in half a dozen wears. and the one time only was £6 postage for one dress... Think i need a drink 😱
  15. mollymoo

    Leighton Denny or Emjoi

    Has anyone had the Leighton Denny smooth operator foot set (no stock I'm on waiting list) There's a good Groupon offer for an Emjoi set - just wondering if I should stick with Leighton's set or go with the Emjoi? I don't have loads and loads hard skin but do round my toes a bit (gross sorry!!)...

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