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    Korres Natural Beauty TSV 30/05/20

    I'm certainly glad I came to look here today. I ordered the TSV and some other products and I've just checked these codes. The youngest is just over 2 years and the oldest is over 7! Even allowing for that being an error, the fact that any of this was sold as new stock is simply not on. Before I...
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    Korres Olive Oil

    Has anyone else here used the Korres olive face oil at all? I tried it a while ago but couldn't use it as it had the most awful smell. I've just tried it again now and it is completely different and hardly has any smell. Did the oil change at some point? or is it possible that first one I had...
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    Stolen Heart Fashion.

    Does anyone know where Stolen Heart fashions are manufactured?
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    Glory !

    I suppose I shouldn't name names but I used to work for a large multinational coporation. One of their daughter companies was called Cosmolabs and one of their core products was the base gloop that goes into mascaras. I saw a very long list of names they sold their stuff to and it included many...
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    FlexiPay vs Openpay.

    Are IW moving over to OpenPay for all items eventually? I was interested in the Isomers products last night. They were shows as being on FlexiPay on screen but there was only OpenPay available. I don't really fancy signing up for that, credit check and all, so will pass. Why are they using...
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    Brands being cheapened.

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that some of the core products from brands such as Elemis, Gatineau and Decleor, among others, have somehow reduced the quality of their products? The smells have changed and some are now quite unpleasant and once-thick creams have become a lot thinner...
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    Styled By fashion.

    I got sucked in and bought the Styled By Parker. It arrived today and, to be fair, it's a lovely coat - well made, good quality, warm and pretty much everything you'd want from a coat of this sort and all for just over £30 including P&P. Wanted it for nipping in and out of the car when the...
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    Just saw an advert on IW for Phase8. Have they poached the brand from QVC or will they have a cheaper or "B grade" type of stock for sale here?
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    Gatineau Throat Gel

    [mum writes] Just a heads up for those who like the throat gel. I've been finding it harder to buy lately, from Q or anywhere else so I asked about and eventually asked Andrew what was happening with it. He has confirmed that the gel is being reformulated to be part of the Defilift 3D range and...
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    Jill Franks.

    Just noticed on the QVC website, in the description for the Perricone No Foundation, that JF is named as Jill Franks Gordon. Where did the Gordon bit come from? and when? I've never seen her called that before.
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    Julian Ballantine.

    Just wondering what happened to Julian? I remember seeing him on IW and he was introduced as though he was going to be a permanent presenter, but I guess he didn't like it there? or didn't get on?
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    Centigrade Faux Fur Coat - Help Please.

    Hi all, Mum is interested in the Centigrade faux fur jackets, 174816. She's a high street 10-12 but likes her jackets a little larger, so just wondering if you'd recommend the small or medium for the best fit? Not sure if Centigrade generally come up larger or smaller? TIA :)
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    Is Joanne leaving?

    Earlier on, I heard Joanna say "leaving Saturday" and then saying about how she's not good at thinking of things when asked what she wants as she's used to buying her own things. I could be putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5, but it seemed to hint that she might be off from IW in some sense...
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    Orla Kiely ceases trading. "Fashion and homeware retailer Orla Kiely has closed its retail stores and website, becoming the latest victim of the difficult retail landscape. Orla Kiely ceased trading on Monday after its parent company, Kiely Rowan, went into administration...
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    Returns period

    I know IW allow 14 days from receipt to return items but I'm not sure how long their delivery time is. For an item ordered on August 21st, what would the latest return date be to claim back P&P? I worked it out as Friday 7th Sept, is that correct? Thanks :D

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