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    Does Katy P work for free?

    She is on all the time it seems. Now I know really that due to travel, it makes sense that the presenters work in blocks... but it seems that whenever I turn on the television to qvc, Katy P is on there. I assume forumers feel this way about other presenters, but I felt the urge to articulate...
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    Christmas in July!

    I know it's a regular fixture on qvc and shopping tv in general but was surprised to see there wasn't a thread commenting on it. (apologies if there was/is and I have missed it) I consider myself quite fair towards shopping tv and it's presenters but if I have to hear the words ''chase me'' in...
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Good morning everyone. I did a similar thread on the bid tv forum and seeing as this channel this clearly morphing into that entity, I felt it may be appropriate to continue in the same vein. I wonder who looked at bid TV's business model, saw it piss money up the wall and decided ''that will...
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    Rae Carpenter

    I love rae, think she is fantastic. Not seen anything on here about her so thought i'd just profess my undying love. Bless her.
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    random thoughts or observations

    Hi everyone there doesn't seem to be a place to put those thoughts that don't quite need a thread of their own... but don't fit in with the current threads so hopefully they can be put in here. I think Kathy Tayler is fantastic at her job and more so as a q personality
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    Random musings/no argument zone

    just like the shopping channel bubble, but i'd like to keep the emphasis on observations and fun. James Russell's opening line after following Peter Sherlock and Jenny Topp... ''you don't see many father an daughter acts on television anymore'' quite amusing

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