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  • I hope that you manage to convince your husband that it is a good idea. If you buy it from IW you can always send it back if it you don't like it. I bought mine with some birthday money and so I didn't need to negotiate! I demonstrated it to my Son-in-Law today and he was so impressed that he plans to buy one too.

    Best wishes,
    My pleasure! Which one are you going for? My husband thought it would be one of my many less than useful purchases but he is delighted with it and he can be very critical of things he considers to be gimmicks. Everything looks so clean and with no effort from me. I am going to use it daily and that is why I have just sent off for an extended warranty giving me 3 years cover in total. Another advantage is that it doesn't generate the same amount of dust that the vacuum cleaner does and so the furniture is less dusty. We did have a laugh when I first bought it and set it up in a spare bedroom. My husband walked in and thought it was new bathroom scales and almost stood on it to weigh himself!
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