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    Nooooooo yuk half eaten what!!! bet there was a stench blimey foxes will eat anything. keep your lid well down on your bin lol.

    just been dusting MY BATHROOM TROLLY!!! its looking good!!!! no gaps lol.

    Hope you are okay despite the bins, Love Dazzler! xxxxxx
    I have no idea, MOMAD. :) I am fine and back. How are you? Have you recovered from the cold? Thank you for your lovely and kind messages whilst away. Love, ws xxxxx
    hiya momad sorry i got your pm but was on the phone I will go and answer it now for you to pick up when you ready xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks momad. Lovely piccie xxxxxxx
    Im fine thank you xxxxxxxx
    Bonjour! Betty is my favourite character, thank you:)
    Not just yet, MOMAD. I am back on Sunday. xxx
    noooooooooo Your joking oh stop it I got a headache as it is and you making me laugh me head off. think I will have to log on just to get your piccies they are hilerous (spelling) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    OMG Momad I just popped on here to answer a pm and saw your piccie. That piccie is absolutely ace!!!!!!!!! I cannot stop laughing at that it really made me laugh. I may have to log on now just to look at it!!!! Because she keeps running over the the treadmill Im in stitches here what you like!!!!

    just got back from dentist just a checkup everything is fine Dentists said I got lovely teeth and to keep smiling!!! he just did a clean,, they feel lovely now.
    Thanks for the chats momad and it was a pleasure knowing you. Good luck for your future. xxxxxxxxxx
    Hiya back to you!
    Please don't apologise for not replying earlier - I know how much you had on your plate and of course I understand.

    Here's hoping for happy times ahead, eh?!

    Sublime x
    Thanks momad thats really cute xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks momad thats lovely night nite sweet dreams xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hiyers, The paper bag over head is about right just now. I'm fine, just this current cocktail is mighty potent and I'm like Rip Van Winkle though I couldn't say that in front of poor Yo. So just a bit dopey (dopier) but otherwise fine. Starting some more tomorrow so I expect I'll be completely away with the fairies, but its just a one week course though I have been warned about side-effects and will be getting something else to deal with that - lol. No need to worry as am coming along okay. As soon as the gunk on my lung and leg can be battered I should be returning to normal (for me) and there is some improvement so hopefully not long to go. Sorry about the slight sense of humour failure but normal service will be resumed asap. In the meantime, tell me wot you's up to? xxxxxxxxxx
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