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  • Hiya Nessa, haven't seen you on here for a long while, but just in case you pop in occasionally, was it you? :wink:

    Watching the lovely Matt this morning, heard a shout out for a lady with your name and location....silver Drusy Agate ring it was. Nice.

    Pammy xxx
    Happy Christmas Nessie, hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas. Miss the 'old' posters on here, not the same now is it ? Pam xx
    Wotcha Matey, Many thanks. I'm much better this year, but did lose two friends to cancer - both younger than me (ain't everyone?). I'll appreciate Christmas this year so much more when I think of the 'orrible state I was in last year - that ward still haunts me. Ne'mind, all better now. Have a lovely Crimbo and New Year. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Nessie, many thanks for your good wishes and birthday greetings, anniversary is a few weeks off yet. Hope all is well with you and the family and I do miss you posting on here, along with all our other absent friends. Take care, love

    Pammy xxxx
    Been for a lovely pampering spa day with 2 girlfriends and have just checked my emails and there was one from OMF. In case you haven't managed to speak to her she said she was waiting for a phone call from the hospital; they are hoping to admit her for a blood transfusion and some other infusions and she probably won't be around for a day or two.

    Ann xxx
    Me again. Please can you let me know if you managed to chat to OMF tonight? I haven't had a reply to the last email I sent on Monday afternoon ... it could be that her server is playing up again or 'something else' and I'm really, really hoping it isn't something else. xxx
    I'm still absolutely fizzing about the whole business. We've exchanged quite a few emails
    since it happened and, obviously, she's upset and very angry. We also chatted about bling and the woofers and I've sent her a copy of R's CD ... :thinking: not sure what good that'll do but she said she'd like to hear it. I hope you do manage to speak her and, yes, please pass on my love

    If you pop over to Sacha's page you'll see a pic of Fl taken the day after her op and a brief progress report.

    Ann xxx
    Just popping by to say hello and that I'm not really with it at the mo. No change there then, I hear you say. No dangerous breeds so far but there's time...
    Hope you're okay.
    I know you do. I'll do the next one if you prefer. Not a problem.
    It is all very on/off with school for the next month or so. At least while the weather's nice, you can chuck 'em outside. Makes a change from the bickering indoors all the time. A is doing fine thanks. First one is not till 24th May - quite late this year. He's already handed in a report for one of his subjects - it makes up a percentage of his overall mark. Two more reports to finalise then it's down to good, old-fashioned studying. xxx
    Hi Nessie, many thanks for your message y'day. Have put a piccy of the new arrival in my album, it was taken just 6 hours after his birth. Click to enlarge and you'll see his name as well. xxxx
    :mysmilie_487: .... just discovered I sent my last message to me instead of you. :blush:
    You must think me awfully rude so here it is where it should be:

    Thank you so much and, yes, I'll do it now. xxx
    Many thanks for the message received from Fluffy. A number of folks have posted on the thread, I think everybody has been feeling rather anxious and concerned at Puss' recent absence. Please pass on my love and best wishes when you next chat.

    Hope you and all the family are well and the doggies too. Take care poppet and thanks again.
    P xxx
    I know I'm a pest :blush: ... but have you spoken to OMF recently? xxx
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