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    3.75M Telescopic ladders

    Just watching Barra boy selling telescopic ladders, a cursory view on Ebay, popped up the same thing, EN131 approved, including a carry case and delivery for £53 for the exact same thing minus the extended warranty. But hurry the phones are going doolally and are in absolute meltdown, for the...
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    Peter Simonisms..

    Just watching the Drill All drill bits, and was looking forward to watching the guest drilling through a concrete lentil :mysmilie_13: and it is the most extaordinary product he has ever brought to air.
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    Silk LED flowers

    just Happened to be looking around Alibaba, the Chinese product showcase, with IW in the background ,Pope Peter asked people to find similar items for sale, cheaper than ... £24.99 plus £4.99 postage.. I found this 20pcs/lot Single head artificial rose flowers 6 colors real touch roses...
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    Presenters telling fibs ??????

    Just watched the Duck feather topper show, with Haley, she must have thrown out her memory foam mattress and got a duck feather topper instead, and her other half knows hotel beds, and they use downland duck feather toppers too, WOW, probably only in the 12 star super exclusive, by appointment...
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    Don't buy it Try it... :)

    Oh Wow, what a coincidence, maybe IW are using the distance selling laws, and making it sound like it's a IW protection scheme, so they are not offering anything really :mysmilie_13: who'd a thunk it. From 13 June 2014 the Consumer Contracts Regulations, which implement the Consumer Rights...
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    Drill All drill bits and stuff

    I used one of these things yesterday, yes they are hard, but don't expect any sort of accuracy when using them, they don't cut like conventional twist drills do, but grind, so expect a lot of skating around before the thing bites, so these drills are only for rough work, for that they are great...
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    Nigel Mansell selling carwash ????

    Just seen the newest 'Best waterless car wash' since the last 'best one', and they have gotten Nigel Mansell, the ex F1 Williams driver to do the demo's, what an endorsement for the williams waterless wash & wax :mysmilie_14:, Oh it's not Nigel Mansell the famous williams F1 racing driver with a...
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    2013 Award for most engineered, unrealistic comparison goes to.....

    the Comfort and Dreams Memory foam mattress demo, for the totally believable 'Brand New' never been slept in, sprung mattress used as a comparison, and the facial expressions of the demonstrators and the super bounce of said Item. Do you think they bought it from the 'Some Mothers do ave em'...
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    Hayley Green's hypnotising hands

    Anyone fallen under her influence ? was it Incredible, and Unbelievable ? wave wave , frantic finger extensions, and unnecessary arm motions, I could go on, but I have this urge to swat flies !!
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    EEPC Radiators

    Just been watching an article on storage heater type radiators, 1000w £899 usual price, buy 1 get a second half price, 10 year warranty, programmable timer, aluminium construction. had a look round on the web and stumbled on this site, looks like an Identical product...
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    knowledgeable presenters anyone ?

    I cant find any on IW, not that it matters to me, but I think presenters that have at least a basic level of knowledge of what they are selling, would be more use than just a sales pitcher, or is it just me ? :talking:
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    Genevieve is doing too much hard exercise

    Watching the Vibrapower Max demo today she really pushed herself hard,on that machine , the sweat was ....Errr threatening to break out NOT :whew::giggle:
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    The 50ft flat garden hose...

    I wonder how many of the 1500 buyers of this, has thought have to unroll all of it, all 50ft, even if you just need a few feet. :grin:
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    Karcher Demo FAIL ;-)

    I just watched a demo of the Karcher window vac cleaning the front door of the IW building...the vac was dripping soapy water everywhere, including the bottom of the windows :-) and I have got one of these, they do need to be used a certain way....It was just funny :clapping::tongue:
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    Marketing to 7 year old's ?

    Do the Marketing methods annoy anyone else , I refer to "Midweek Mayhem" and the childish superhero character, it really bugs me, I just want to see the products demonstrated, or are IW targeting the younger viewers ?, what's next ?

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