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  • I went out for an early dinner with future d.i.l. and got back in time to look as ASOS for some Christmas bits and browse ST forum! I'll need to step away from the lappy or else I'll be buying for next year!!! I love your poppy avator. Very poignant .
    Years ago(showing my age) in the late 70's - when I got engaged I received a dinner set with poppies J&G Meakin and after that I had a serious poppy addiction right into the 80's. xxx
    Whoever it is, that's a very yummy piccie!!:30: xxxx
    Here we go...Thank you, NMSEva. :) I hope it is Mads and not Viggo.:11:
    You are very welcome, NMSEva. :) He is gorgeous in this piccie, isn't he? I hope everything is sorted out with your dad's care soon and that you get some rest. I need to finish my Christmas shopping by mid-November at the lastest, but I am getting there. All is well over here. Love, ws xxxx
    G'Day, NMSEva. I hope you are OK. :) xxxxx

    Hi NMSEva looking forward to the upcoming Harald shows. How's the pilates going. Love Jasper.x
    Hopefully all DIY will be finished, so that when I go down to Leeds in December, my head will only be thinking of shopping! I have also decided that I'm not doing any more painting and DIY, other than my own.
    Take care
    Hi, hope you had a nice time in York. Did you go to Leeds for some shopping. Was down there a few weeks ago, and going back down in December, so I hope its not too cold then.

    Keep practising with the pilates/cardio board. Must confess to not using mine recently, as I have been busy painting again, and have now started scraping my bedroom walls, so that should be some exercise at least.
    Awwww, thanks! I missed the fact that you'd been away until last night when I saw someone asking you. I'm certainly not missing the weather, it was cold and wet and grey...yuk, Take care, Heather xxx
    Have not been on the forum much myself, just popping on now and again. I thought I had not seen many posts from you lately, is you dad not very well? Hope you have a good weekend. Speak to you soon xx
    Hi nmse.

    Just popped on to see if I got any messages to answer and there you are.

    Glad you got home in time for the BBC event. I did not watch it. Glad you got a few things you wanted. Have a good weekend. Speak again soon. Really busy with things but will try and pop on when I can to say hi to you and see how you doing. take care Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxx
    Fantastic!!! I hope the BF from school doesn't tell all to hubby, like mine do!! :giggle: I wish you have a wonderful time!!!! xxxx
    Yes, NMSEva. There are a few business trips lined up until mid-December. Next month, I am off to Canada and Brussels. In December, to Brussels and Paris. Your friends sound like a lot of fun; do you ever stop giggling? :)
    Please give your sweet pooch a lot of cuddles from me!!! Love xxxxx
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