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    Hi NMSEva! So lovely to hear from you. Welcome back to the forum, even for a short while. I have no clue when Harald is on. I hope not when I am away.:sad: I wish you a lovely weekend, packed with loads of fun. Love, WS xxx
    Well done Susie! We all deserve a treat now and then, I hope you'll love everything you bought once you get it home! Hmmm, cleaning doesn't sound great, but at least you'll get it out of the way today and then hopefully you can relax during the weekend. Have you got anything planned? I am expecting my parents from Italy any minute now, they're on their way from Gatwick. It'll be great as their grandaughter has changed so much since they last saw her (when she was born)! I might be less on the forum whilst the family are here, but I really hope you have a lovely weekend and will catch up with you soon! Ele xxx
    Hi nmse

    Its bolting down with rain here. miserable day. Im okay thanks. Just chilling lol.

    Glad to hear you are okay speak soon Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hope you have a lovely weekend when your sister comes over from Glasgow and sounds like a good fun night for you on saturday night too when your friends come over, cocktail shaker hey!!!!!! I want to here all about that!!!!

    Im off out satuday night too with a friends - cant wait really looking forward to it so will get the whole wardrobe out soon and work out a carefully planned outfit lol

    take care and speak soon. Thank you for the lovely pms xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi, NMSEva. How are you and how is your dad? I have been thinking of you... Love, ws xxx
    Hi NMSE

    How are you, are you okay.i was wondering how your dad was, is he okay now. sending you love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi NMSE

    im so sorry to hear about your dad. Hope that the tests all come back okay and you dad makes a speedy recovery. Im thinking of you. Take care love to you and your dad Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    How are you.Its cold today. Its defo winter now there are leaves everywhere. been doing some painting today and hubby is s till tiling lol.

    take care Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hello there,

    You got lots and lots of exercise this morning pilates AND walking the dog. It certainly is frezzing!!!!! Just still doing the cleaning here was going to sweep leaves outside but as soon as you sweep they all blow back again lol. Its the 21st November another year older oh no!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day Love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Ni nmse

    Have a good day if you do your pilates. Take care Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxx
    Its very close to chrimbo. I have my birthday in November first. bet you look fab and have lovely clothes to wear, Have a fabby week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Im starting back tomorrow too, will be well stiff after having a whole week off from it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi nmse

    Yes thank you. Hope you are okay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi NMSEva! What a lovely surprise. I am fine, thank you, and I hope so are you. Love, ws xxxxxxx
    Blimey!!! Fitness guru Im going to call you from now on lol. I have a treadmill. When you go for one get one you plug in because I personally found the manual ones to be rubbish. I could not get it to move on the runner.

    Love your avatar awwwwwwwww so cute xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi there Susie,
    Wow everyday on your pilates, mine is still folded up in the extension side. We are decorating and doing the gym room in extension side. I had wallpapered it and hubby is tiling the bathroom bit as we speak lol. The room should be done for xmas so will be able to use the pilates again hurrah! I got other exercise equipment in my living room so I just use them for now. The extension diy home project is slow , We dont have anyone to help us financially so its a case of pay as we go. it will take us about 3 years for completion as doing conservotry too so I guess its not too bad.

    You cant beat a bit of retail therapy glad you had a nice time with your sisters and daugher shopping. I like you looooove to shop, not brought much of QVc just some nails inc colours but think I may be due a shop till you drop spree in town.

    Im alot better thank you after that horrid cold. you are so sweet!

    Love and Hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi nmse

    How are you. Hope all is well your end and you are enjoying the week so far.
    Take care love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I bought some new boots last week, and some thick tights! I'm still in vest tops and cutoffs here so it will seem strange. I'm still taking some light clothing as my Father in law is wheelchair bound with extremely limited mobility and feels the cold terribly so their house has the heating on full blast. The week will be over all too quickly, I'm afraid......
    Heather xxx
    Love your signature message NMSEva 'Cherish Yesterday, Live Today, Dream Tomorrow xxx',very inspiring.:sun:
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